How to Set Up a Glass Manufacturing Business in the UAE

April 23, 2024

A sector poised for remarkable growth in the UAE beckons entrepreneurs: glass manufacturing. Amidst the region’s evolving economic tapestry, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands out as a promising destination for ventures in this industry. Forecasted to surge to a value of USD 4.03 billion by 2031, the Middle East glass market showcases a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, reflecting consistent expansion. At the heart of this momentum lies the UAE, fueled by a construction boom that drives demand for flat glass, glass bottle manufacturers, and other processed glass products.

As the UAE’s skyline continues to evolve with towering structures and ambitious infrastructure projects, opportunities abound for aspiring entrepreneurs. From navigating licensing procedures to understanding market dynamics, embarking on a journey into glass manufacturing promises substantial rewards in this thriving sector.

If you are someone interested in the glass production process, here are the business activities that you can select under your license when establishing your glass manufacturing business:

2310.00 Manufacture of glass and glass products

“Manufacture of glass and glass products” encompasses a diverse range of activities involved in producing different types of glass and items made from it, including the creation of glass through various manufacturing processes and the fabrication of articles from glass materials. This classification spans the production of flat glass in various forms like wired, coloured, or tinted variations, along with toughened or laminated flat glass commonly used in construction and automotive industries. It also includes the manufacturing of glass in rods or tubes serving scientific, industrial, and artistic purposes, as well as glass articles such as paving blocks, mirrors, insulating units, bottles, containers, and domestic glassware. Additionally, it covers the production of glass fibres like glass wool and non-woven products for insulation, filtration, and reinforcement applications, along with specialised glassware for laboratory, hygienic, or pharmaceutical purposes, optical glass, and various glass products used in different industries. 

  • 2310.01 Manufacture of flat glass, including wired, coloured or tinted flat glass
    This covers manufacturing various types of flat glass sheets, including wired glass (embedded with wire for reinforcement), coloured glass, and tinted glass.
  • 2310.02 Manufacture of toughened or laminated flat glass
    This refers to manufacturing toughened glass (also known as tempered glass) for increased strength and laminated glass for improved safety in case of breakage.
  • 2310.03 Manufacture of glass in rods or tube
    This covers creating glass in the form of rods or tubes for various applications.
  • 2310.04 Manufacture of glass paving blocks
    This refers to manufacturing glass blocks specifically designed for paving applications.
  • 2310.05 Manufacture of glass mirrors
    This covers the manufacturing of mirrors using a glass sheet with a reflective backing.
  • 2310.06 Manufacture of multiple-walled insulating units of glass
    This involves creating multiple-walled glass units with a vacuum or gas in between for improved thermal insulation.
  • 2310.07 Manufacture of bottles and other containers of glass or crystal
    This is a broad category encompassing the manufacturing of bottles and other containers made from glass or crystal.
  • 2310.08 Manufacture of drinking glasses and other domestic glass or crystal articles
    This covers manufacturing drinking glasses and other glassware or crystal items commonly used in households.
  • 2310.09 Manufacture of glass fibres, including glass wool and non-woven products thereof
    This refers to creating glass fibres, including glass wool (used for insulation) and non-woven products made from glass fibres.
  • 2310.10 Manufacture of laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware
    This covers manufacturing laboratory glassware, hygienic glassware, and pharmaceutical glassware used in scientific and medical settings.
  • 2310.11 Manufacture of clock or watch glasses, optical glass and optical elements not optically worked
    This includes making clock or watch glasses, optical glass (used in lenses and other optical applications), and unpolished optical elements.
  • 2310.12 Manufacture of glassware used in imitation jewellery
    This refers to manufacturing glass components used in imitation jewellery.
  • 2310.13 Manufacture of glass insulators and glass insulating fittings
    This covers creating glass insulators used in electrical applications to prevent current leakage.
  • 2310.14 Manufacture of glass envelopes for lamps
    This involves manufacturing the glass envelopes used in lamps.
  • 2310.15 Manufacture of glass figurines
    This refers to manufacturing decorative figurines made from glass.

Certain specialised items, such as woven fabrics of glass yarn and optically worked optical elements, fall outside this activity’s scope. Additionally, products like fibre optic cables for data transmission or live transmission of images, glass toys, and medical laboratory equipment such as syringes are excluded from the “Manufacture of glass and glass products” classification.

Third-party Approval: These business activities do not require third-party approval.

Filing of Economic Substance Return: These business activities are exempt from this requirement.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: These business activities are exempt from this requirement.

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