Best UAE Free Zones and Business Consultants: SPC Free Zone – Providing a platform to those with a vision

Helping facilitate growth and expansion of one’s business

With Expo 2020 right around the corner, a positive economic impact has been predicted during which the prospects of starting and growing a new business in the UAE are sky-high. SPC Free Zone is witnessing improved market conditions, shifts in demand, transformed consumer spending habits, and evolving industry trends. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this crucial period before the Expo to attract investors, venture capitalists and a larger customer base.

People are looking to set up small and medium businesses now more than ever. SMEs have constantly been making a positive contribution to the UAE’s economy, due to their emphasis on innovation and modernisation.

At SPC Free Zone, businesses are encouraged to adapt innovative approaches and practices as this will allow them to achieve a unique competitive advantage. SPC Free Zone wants to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality and provide a promising platform to those with a vision, to facilitate their growth and expansion.

The entity’s affordable prices, quick processing times and excellent customer service are factors that SPC Free Zone prides itself on. Its strategic and easy-to-access location stipulates ease of trade through multiple air and sea ports, eliminating many restraints that new businesses might encounter.

Wondering what sector to start your business in? A surge in popularity has been observed under:


We live in a thriving digital world, where many aspects of the average consumer’s daily life are online and this is something new entrepreneurs are capitalising on.

Publishing, advertising and media

An excellent sector to maximise on, as the UAE houses one of the strongest publishing industries in the world, backed by initiatives from the government of Sharjah.

SPC Free Zone is the world’s first publishing free zone, offering one of the most accessible and affordable publishing trade licencses in the country.

Tourism and hospitality

The UAE is expecting 25 million visitors over the next six months, which is a brilliant opportunity to profit from.

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