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Our network of government entities and publishing organisations will provide you with significant business expansion opportunities. SPC Free Zone, a subsidiary of Sharjah Book Authority, provides publishers a one-stop platform to create and sell both locally and internationally.

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Government Initiatives

Known as the UAE’s cultural capital; Sharjah is an industrial and education hub making it the preferred location for investors and entrepreneurs globally.

  • UAE cultural capital
  • Print on demand (POD) service
  • Publishing ecosystem
  • UNESCO World Book capital
Sharjah Book�Authority

A complete platform for promoting and enhancing investments in the publishing and creative industry

Sharjah International Book Fair

The third largest book fair in the world

Media Regulatory Office

Supervises the implementation of media policies, and regulates media activities across the UAE

Sharjah International Literary Agency

Protects the rights of publishers and writers, and promotes Arabic literary and cultural content globally.

Sharjah’s Children’s Reading Festival

The largest of its kind in the Arab world

The Translation Grant Fund

Provides funding to boost book translation and copywriting

Lightning Source

Lightning Source is a printer and distributor of print-on-demand books. The company is a business unit of Ingram Content Group.

Private Partnerships

Emirates Publisher Association

Emirates Publisher Association (EPA) is a non-profit organisation that works to develop the UAE’s publishing industry. Being a member of EPA will provide benefits such as:

  • Provide publishers with significant exposure of book titles in the local and international market
  • Help publishers connect with some of the largest names in the industry

EPA membership requirements mandate that the company should be owned by an Emirati national holding not less than 51% of its shares. However, a publisher licensed with SPCFZ can register as a member, regardless of the business owner’s nationality.

Lightning Source Sharjah

Lightning Source Sharjah and Sharjah Book Authority have established a joint venture to operate a Lightning Source Print On Demand (POD) facility at SPC Free Zone. This provides a superior printing and distribution service for publishers and retail channels in the Gulf region and the Middle East, and allows them to cater to consumer demands and reach readers worldwide.

Lightning Source can:

  • Support publishers by making their titles accessible to millions of readers locally and globally, supplying books to more than 40,000 libraries worldwide
  • Help publishers balance and effectively manage consumer demand, affordable distributions, and print runs
  • Reduce challenges associated with estimating demand for titles and efficiently scaling print volumes

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