How to Set Up a Watches and Clocks Manufacturing Business in the UAE

watches & clocks manufacturing

Setting up a business that manufactures watches and clocks can prove to be a highly profitable venture in the UAE. Due to their usefulness and aesthetic appeal, there is a high demand for products of this kind.

Additionally, entrepreneurs who explore this type of business can showcase their creative prowess by offering products with distinct designs, features, and materials that can cater to not only individuals but a range of industries and sectors. Typically, the manufacturing process adapts to various production scales, from artisanal craftsmanship to mass production, to serve a diverse spectrum of market segments.

With the latest technological advancements and modern infrastructure available in the UAE, starting a manufacturing business in this field can help entrepreneurs take full advantage of this sector.

By securing a license with SPC Free Zone for this business, entrepreneurs can showcase their professional expertise and establish a successful business in the market. Here, you will find detailed information about the business category and the activities you can select under this license.

2652.00 – Manufacture of watches and clocks

Under this category, acquiring a license to manufacture watches and clocks requires precision engineering and expertise. Entrepreneurs who possess the necessary knowledge and skills have to choose high-quality materials for these products.

Trained horologists meticulously assemble the complex mechanisms, and then calibrate each part of the products to ensure precise timekeeping. Milling, engraving, and polishing are among the more advanced processes that can make use of machines, but for more fine details and assembly, traditional methods are still used. These products benefit from timepieces that not only tell the precise time but also showcase the premium craftsmanship and skill of experienced artisans.

This category includes the following classifications of activities that can be explored:

2652.01 – Manufacture of watches and clocks of all kinds, including instrument panel clocks

The manufacturing process of watches and clocks involves a combination of precise engineering, careful craftsmanship, and modern technology. This results in a wide range of timepieces, from traditional wristwatches to intricate instrument panel clocks, all of which showcase both practicality and beauty.

2652.02 – Manufacture of watch and clock cases, including cases of precious metals

The creation of watch and clock cases requires a high level of craftsmanship to produce strong and durable enclosures. This process often involves precise techniques like machining and casting. When working with precious metals, there is a specific focus on creating luxurious and elegant designs that not only provide protection but also enhance the beauty of the intricate mechanics within these timepieces and clocks.

2652.03 – Manufacture of time-recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording, and otherwise displaying intervals of time with a watch or clock movement or with a synchronous motor

The production of time-recording equipment entails the development of devices such as parking metres, time clocks, time/date stamps, and process timers. These devices use watch or clock movements, or synchronous motors, to accurately measure, record, and display time intervals. This enables effective time management and record-keeping in a wide range of settings and industries.

2652.04 – Manufacture of time switches and other releases with a watch or clock movement or with a synchronous motor

The production of time switches and other releases entails integrating watch or clock movements or synchronous motors into devices such as time locks. This allows for precise regulations to turn the devices on or off according to predetermined time intervals, thereby enhancing security and automation in various applications.

2652.05 – Manufacture of components for clocks and watches

Manufacturing components for clocks and watches involves essential elements such as movements, springs, jewels, dials, hands, plates, and bridges. These components are crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring precise timekeeping and long-lasting performance. High-quality jewels, typically synthetic rubies or sapphires, are used to minimise friction in watch movements, resulting in improved durability and accuracy. Plates and bridges ensure the structural integrity required for seamless operation and alignment of all components.

This complex procedure merges cutting-edge machining methods with expert artistry to meet the exact requirements of watchmaking, resulting in timepieces that not only maintain impeccable accuracy but also encapsulate the finesse and meticulousness of their craftsmen.

This category excludes the manufacture of non-metal watch bands, such as textile, leather, and plastic bands, as well as watch bands made of precious metal or non-precious metal.

Third-party Approval: This business activity does not require third-party approval.

Filing of Economic Substance Returns: This requirement does not apply to Business Activities under 2652.00 

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: This requirement does not apply to Business Activities under 2652.00

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