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Free Zone.

CEO's Message

His Excellency Ahmed Bin Rakkad Al Ameri

CEO of Sharjah Book Authority

CEO's Message

We have entered an innovative realm of the 21st century that has transformed traditional mindsets, and competent individuals are more inclined toward businesses. As an emblem of entrepreneurial empowerment, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, a subsidiary of Sharjah Book Authority, has provided a platform to entrepreneurs and investors. We offer a broad spectrum of facilities and solutions to cater for your business needs.

SPC Free Zone has been launched to keep pace with the dynamic entrepreneurial world. At SPC Free Zone, we have introduced economical packages for your business growth. We aim at bringing innovation and boosting businesses with the latest technology and sophisticated infrastructure. We help you turn your calibre into excellence.

Being aware of the rapid change and innovation in the industry, our professionals have pinpointed your business needs. We own a cohesive unit of diverse individuals who communicate effectively to provide you with real solutions. We continually improve the quality of facilities we provide, incorporating sustainable and responsible business practices into our services. We strive to become a unique investment hub among the Free Zones by building a trustworthy relationship with our investors and entrepreneurs.

Director’s Message

Mansour Al Hassani

Director of SPCFZ

Director’s Message

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is a comprehensive business community, providing a substantial competitive edge at a time when these communities are a key driver of growth for an economy diversified across sectors and founded on knowledge, partnerships, and collaboration. It also establishes and supports the creative industries' economy based on talent and innovation.

Our commitment at SPC Free Zone extends to attracting promising businesses, innovative entrepreneurs, and individuals with creative talents through a suite of competitive incentives that align perfectly with the growth requirements of the modern economy. This approach considers the diversity of needs and takes into consideration the level of competitiveness that business communities worldwide have achieved, making SPC Free Zone more than just a workspace but a partner for entrepreneurs in their journey towards growth and success.

Our vision is ambitious and shaped by the developmental successes of Sharjah and the UAE—a country renowned for its entrepreneurship and business development leadership. Drawing strength from our national economy's notable achievements, known for its resilience and efficiency, we welcome entrepreneurs who have established businesses or are looking to start at the SPC Free Zone, inviting them to join us as partners to achieve our vision. Together, we aim to foster prosperity and enhance the well-being of our communities.