Cultivating a Positive Work Environment: SPC Free Zone Earns the “Great Place to Work” Certificate

Great Place to Work Certified

In an era where employee well-being is becoming central to organizational success, the significance of a positive work environment cannot be overstated. A workplace that nurtures collaboration, respect, and open communication attracts top talent and retains it, resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

SPC Free Zone, a dynamic organization committed to excellence, recently achieved a significant milestone by earning the prestigious “Great Place to Work” certificate, underscoring its dedication to cultivating a workplace beyond the ordinary.

The “Great Place to Work” Certificate: A Symbol of Excellence

The “Great Place to Work” Certificate is a prestigious recognition awarded to organizations that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to creating and maintaining an outstanding workplace culture. This certification is granted by the Great Place to Work Institute, a global research and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, organizational culture, and workplace excellence.

To qualify for the “Great Place to Work” certification, organizations must meet specific criteria and attain a high overall score in The Great Place To Work® Trust Model©.

SPC Free Zone proved to be an exemplary workplace, with impressive scores in all aspects of the Survey. SPC Free Zone has achieved a 94% score for workplace hospitality, 90% for leadership behavior, 86% for innovation, and 87% for engagement, evidence of the free zone’s robust workplace culture. Moreover, equity achieved a 72% score, impartiality 76%, fairness 79%, and collaboration 83%, showcasing a strong commitment to inclusivity and teamwork.

Moreover, the Survey has shown an overwhelming sentiment of safety within the organization, with an outstanding 99% of employees expressing that they feel physically secure at work. Similarly, an equal percentage feels warmly welcomed upon joining the company. Significantly, 96% affirm experiencing fair treatment regardless of gender, and an equal percentage finds management approachable. Furthermore, an impressive 95% express a profound sense of pride in their colleagues’ accomplishments.

These statistics collectively underscore SPC Free Zone’s unwavering dedication to fostering a welcoming workplace environment that values diversity, safety, and fairness.

SPC Free Zone: An Innovation Hub for Creative Industries

Since its establishment in 2017, SPC Free Zone has attracted significant players and businesses across the creative sector. It has created a unified platform for publishers to complete all translation, publishing, and distribution activities and provides world-class services and advanced infrastructure to assist publishers including storage, logistics, and printing.

While enjoying 100% ownership, zero personal income tax, and corporate tax incentives, investors at SPC Free Zone can choose from a host of over 1,500 business activities to launch their entrepreneurial journey. The tailored solutions further enable investors to combine up to five activities and receive up to 100 visas on one license.

With this being said, SPC Free Zone stands as a beacon of world-class services, and innovative solutions, and a great place to work for anyone seeking a healthy and supportive work environment.

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Sawsan Alsharanee

Sawsan is an Arabic copywriter and translator with over 12 years of experience in EnglishArabic translation and 6 years of experience in copywriting across various domains including business setup, technology, healthcare, and marketing. Sawsan has a rich portfolio of high-quality, culturally appropriate translations and articles, crafted to drive engagement and conversions, and help businesses connect with their Arabic-speaking clients.

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