How to Start a Business for Document Clearance Services in the UAE

document clearance service

The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest-growing business hubs in the world. This dynamic economy has attracted a diverse range of companies and individuals who want to grasp on to the growth opportunities the country offers. As a growing hub for international trade, businesses, and investments, there is a demand for reliable document clearance services to navigate through the complex regulatory landscape.

Over the years, the government has been very proactive in developing initiatives to ease the services offered to businesses, startups, and individuals. This has led to the country’s growing trend of document clearance services. By establishing a business of this nature in the UAE, professionals can take advantage of the increasing demand for all-encompassing document clearance solutions.

If you are interested in exploring this type of business, you should secure a license with SPC Free Zone, which grants you access to conduct the activities pertaining to the business for document clearance services. With SPC Free Zone, you can get an instant license to kickstart this demanding venture and, more importantly, access to other value-added services. Below, you will gain more insight into the activity that falls under this business license.

8299.12 Document Clearing Services

Document clearing services provide a thorough procedure by preparing, validating, and submitting various types of documents for clearance by governmental organizations, regulatory bodies, and other pertinent authorities in order to make the process simpler for both individuals and corporations. Professionals who understand the laws and regulations of the UAE set up this type of business, adhering to various guidelines set by these distinguished authorities.

These professionals meticulously prepare and submit documents like permits, licenses, and contracts as examples. They serve as intermediaries with government entities to accelerate processing that follows all the necessary legal requirements and provide expedited services for time-sensitive clearance of documents.

Businesses that are set up to offer document clearance services usually comprise a team of experts who have a deep insight into UAE laws and regulations. They keep up to date on the latest reforms so processes can take place more efficiently, thereby helping clients manage their personal and professional affairs more easily.

This category of business does not include the following activities: the provision of document transcription services; and providing film or tape captioning or subtitling services.

Third-party Approval: This business activity does not require third-party approval.

Filing of Economic Substance Returns: This requirement does not apply to Business Activity 8299.12.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: This requirement does not apply to Business Activity 8299.12.

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