How to Start a Computers and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing Business in the UAE

computer equipment business

Starting a manufacturing business in the UAE for computers and peripheral equipment has a lot of potential and opportunities. The country’s sophisticated infrastructure, excellent logistics network, and facilities all combine to form an excellent package of appealing factors. Professionals with in-depth knowledge of this sector, relevant engineering backgrounds, and the necessary knowledge and skill sets typically set up these businesses.

Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing research and development is growing in the UAE, thanks to the country’s dedication to innovation and tech-driven growth. Lastly, the country’s economic diversification efforts contribute to a conducive environment for sustainable business growth and long-term success in the manufacturing sector.

If you are interested in setting up a manufacturing business of this type, you should consider securing a license with SPC Free Zone. This license gives you access to a variety of activities related to computer and peripheral equipment production. With SPC Free Zone, you can get a license in 45 minutes or less, with access to other value-added services. Here, you will find more information about the activities covered by this business license.

2620.00 – Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

This type of business has a significant impact on the technological landscape, as it provides essential tools for both personal and professional use. Here, the category encompasses the production and assembly of a wide range of computing devices, such as mainframes, desktop computers, laptops, and computer servers. Additionally, this category also includes activities for the production of peripheral equipment such as input/output devices, including printers, monitors, keyboards, and other equipment, including storage devices.

With regards to the production of computers, there are three types: analogue, digital, and hybrid, with digital computers being the most prevalent. Digital computers have grown leaps and bounds and are characterized by their distinct ability to store processing programs, execute data more efficiently, implement arithmetic computations, and, without human intervention, perform logical decisions throughout processing runs. In contrast, analogue computers reproduce mathematical models and incorporate analogue programming and control components.

In order to satisfy the continuously changing needs of the market and provide consumers with effective computing solutions, businesses operating in this industry place a premium on sustainability, quality assurance, and innovation.

Given the vast landscape of this technological ecosystem, the nature of business can be extensive or specific in the particular field of production. Here are some examples of businesses that fall under this category:

2620.01 – Manufacture of desktop computers

The production of desktop computers involves a complex process to develop reliable and high-performing computer devices. Usually, this process involves sourcing high-quality computer hardware or components from trusted suppliers. Skilled technicians then assemble these parts in the computer chassis, ensuring their alignment and connection are correct.

Throughout the assembly process, technicians in this field employ stringent quality control methods to identify and correct any flaws or anomalies. Desktop computers undergo meticulous testing after construction to ensure they meet the required performance standards and specifications. During this step, software installation may be carried out, which can include operating systems and other essential drivers. To ensure these products stand out in the market, we may also incorporate design and packaging features.

2620.05 – Manufacture of magnetic disk drives, flash drives, and other storage devices

Precision and skill are essential at every stage of the peripheral manufacturing of magnetic disk drives, flash drives, and other storage devices. Experts who explore this field of business understand the importance of acquiring superior materials required for this complex process of assembly, which requires meticulous attention to detail.

Experts then apply state-of-the-art technology to accurately position components, integrate circuitry, and calibrate, ensuring optimal performance and dependability. They understand the importance of applying rigorous quality control methods to meet industry standards and exceed client expectations. These storage devices are an important component that complements laptops and desktop computers.

2620.08 – Manufacture of monitors

Manufacturing monitors involves a technical fusion of design, engineering, and technology. To develop displays of various sizes and resolutions, high-quality components such as LED or LCD panels, circuits, and casing materials are meticulously assembled. An expert with advanced technical skills follows a stringent process and adheres to modern manufacturing techniques.

Production under this category includes the development of desktop monitors and large-format screens, which are extensively tested to ensure top performance and durability, making them ideal for personal and professional settings.

2620.13 – Manufacture of scanners, including barcode scanners

The production of scanners, notably barcode scanners, requires a combination of complex engineering and advanced computer-integrated processes. Technical experts customise every part of the product, from the optical system design to the casing construction, to ensure precision and durability. The integration of state-of-the-art sensors and imaging technologies with ergonomic designs can cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

Scanners are used in several sectors to achieve efficient data acquisition that can facilitate inventory tracking, point-of-sale transactions, document digitization, healthcare applications, etc. Scanners efficiently and precisely capture data from barcodes, allowing businesses to streamline processes, meet regulatory requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

2620.16 – Manufacture of computer projectors (video beamers)

This class is open to technical experts who understand the complexities of developing projectors. A combination of precise optical engineering and electronic precision is required for this particular field of manufacturing. These devices, housing high-resolution image chips, powerful light sources, and lenses, implement cutting-edge technology.

Projectors are designed for reliability and equip users for presentations, entertainment, and education. They follow rigorous quality control to offer an immersive experience that is suitable for boardrooms, schools, and home- theatres.

2620.17 – Manufacture of computer terminals, like automatic teller machines (ATM’s) and point-of-sale (POS) terminals, not mechanically operated

The production of computer terminals, such as automatic teller machines (ATMs), makes financial services like deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers more accessible to customers, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals simplify monetary transactions and business processes. These devices are manufactured using complex electronic design and assembly processes. These devices seamlessly incorporate high-quality components such as processors, touchscreen screens, card readers, and security modules to meet industry benchmarks for security and performance.

 In addition to the above, specialised software is designed to complement the computer hardware and facilitate smooth communication with users. A fully integrated terminal enables user-friendly interfaces for conducting transactions and processing data. These terminals aim to improve efficiency in a variety of businesses and financial institutions across a wide range of services in public areas, hotels, and accessible venues.

Certain activities are excluded under this category. These exclusions encompass the reproduction of recorded media (including computer media, sound, and video), the manufacturing of electronic components and assemblies used in computers and peripherals, the production of internal/external computer modems, interface cards, modules, and assemblies, as well as modems and carrier equipment. Additionally, it excludes the manufacturing of digital communication switches, data communications equipment like bridges, routers, and gateways, consumer electronic devices such as CD and DVD players, television monitors and displays, video game consoles, and blank optical and magnetic media for computer or device use.

Third-party Approval: This business activity does not require third-party approval.

Filing of Economic Substance Returns: This requirement does not apply to Business Activities under 2620.00 

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: This requirement does not apply to Business Activities under 2620.00

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