Starting a Musical Tutoring Business in the UAE

music tutoring business

A music training business encompasses various activities aimed at educating individuals in music theory, instruments, and performance skills. These activities typically involve offering structured lessons, workshops, and courses tailored to different age groups and skill levels.

Instructors often provide personalized guidance to students, helping them develop technical proficiency, musical expression, and creativity.

Moreover, music training businesses may organize recitals, concerts, or competitions to provide students with performance opportunities.

Additionally, some music training businesses may offer supplementary services like instrument rental, repair, or sales, as well as music-related merchandise. Overall, the music training business activity encompasses a comprehensive range of educational, artistic, and logistical endeavors aimed at nurturing musical talent and appreciation.

If you have musical talents or skills and want to turn your fascination into a successful business, we guide you to the business license activity you need to choose when starting your venture in the musical training sector.

The business activity that falls under music training services is:

9000.14 – Music training

A music training business activity typically refers to any commercial endeavor involved in providing instruction, education, or training related to music. This can encompass a wide range of activities, such as:

  •  Music lessons: Offering one-on-one or group lessons in various musical instruments or vocal training.
  • Music classes: Providing structured courses or workshops covering music theory, composition, ear training, music history, etc.
  • Music camps or workshops: Organizing short-term intensive programs where participants can enhance their musical skills and knowledge.
  • Online music courses: Creating digital content or platforms for remote learning, including video tutorials, interactive lessons, and virtual classrooms.
  • Music coaching: Offering personalized guidance and mentorship to aspiring musicians or performers.

Other requirements:

  • Third-party approval: This business activity doesn’t require any third-party approval before acquiring the business license.
  • Filing of Economic Substance Return: This business activity is exempt from this requirement.
  • Anti-money laundering compliance: This business activity is exempt from this requirement.

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