In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a magnet for individuals seeking a dynamic and prosperous destination for residence and work.

Investors from across the globe are increasingly drawn to the UAE, considering it a lucrative hub for diverse industries. The UAE is witnessing a growing influx of global investments, establishing the region as a key player on the international business stage. The process of setting up a business in the UAE has been streamlined, making it an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs keen on business setup in the UAE.

However, to live and do business in the UAE, it’s imperative to have a UAE Visa, a prerequisite for entry and residence. This visa is a legal formality as well as a gateway to unlocking the vast potential the UAE offers.

As investors and professionals explore opportunities to set up a company in the UAE, understanding the intricacies of obtaining and maintaining a UAE Visa becomes paramount. Regular checks on the status of the visa are essential, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding any potential legal complications. Equally crucial is the knowledge of the process of visa cancellation in the UAE, should circumstances warrant it. In this article, we take you through the details of the UAE Visa status check and the cancellation process.

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Steps of Visa Status Check UAE

The Visa Status Check UAE is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the official website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)
  2. Navigate to “Services” and choose: check the visa status.
  3. Enter the needed details, including your passport number and other additional details related to your visa.
  4. Receive information on your visa status, such as the visa’s expiration date, visa type, and other information specific to your UAE visa.

Alternatively, you can contact the Amer service helpline or visit one of the Amer centers.

Cancellation of UAE Visa

The process and required documents for canceling the UAE Visa depend on many factors including the type of visa.

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If you’re the sponsor of family members in the UAE and you’re canceling your residency visa in UAE, then you must cancel their residence visas first. You can also cancel the UAE Visa of the dependents if they are outside the UAE.

If you as an investor and want to cancel your UAE Visa, you can do that physically by visiting an Amer Service Center, or online using the ICP website or ICP app.

Regardless of the type of visa you want to cancel, the process usually takes 1-2 working days for most visa types and involves submitting the required documents, paying the applicable visa cancellation fees, and obtaining the cancellation approval letter by email.

Documents Required To Cancel UAE Visa

Documents required to cancel a UAE Visa differ based on the type of the visa. The key documents required at SPC Free Zone to cancel a family, employee, or investor visa include:




How SPC Free Zone can help you?

Though the process of canceling a UAE Visa is straightforward, it requires good knowledge of the requirements and regulations. Get the assistance of qualified professionals and contact our team at SPC Free Zone. We provide high-standard support services including spouse and children’s visa assistance, documentation, corporate bank assistance, and many more.

With SPC Free Zone, you can also choose from more than 1,500 business activities and take advantage of up to 20 visa quotas and competitive business setup packages. Our customers who want to set up a business in Sharjah free zones benefit from a whole string of benefits like zero paid-up share capital. With immigration services on-site, you can also get your license issued in less than 45 minutes, and your UAE residency visa in 5 working days.

Sharjah Free Zone license

Setting up a business in the Sharjah Free Zone offers many advantages for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish a company in the UAE. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the process involved in obtaining a license within the Sharjah Free Zone, highlighting the benefits and opportunities it presents for businesses

What is a Sharjah Free Zone?

Sharjah Free Zones are designated economic zones located in the emirate of Sharjah, and they offer a favorable environment for trade, investment, and entrepreneurship. The significance of the Sharjah Free Zone lies in its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and diverse range of sectors thriving within its boundaries. Some of the key industries flourishing within the free zone include:

Types of licenses Sharjah free zones offer

Sharjah Free Zones offer different types of licenses to accommodate various business activities and legal structures. Each license category has specific requirements and restrictions. Here is an overview of the common license types available in a Sharjah Free Zone:

Steps to Obtain a Sharjah Free Zone License  

The process of obtaining a license in Sharjah Free Zones can be broken down into the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the License Type

Identify the most suitable license type for your business activity, such as a trading license, service license, industrial license, or media license.

Step 2: Company Name Reservation

Reserve a unique name for your company through the online portal or by submitting a name reservation application. The name should comply with the free zone’s naming conventions and should not breach any existing trademarks or copyrights.

Step 3: Submit the Initial Application

Complete and submit the initial application form provided by the free zone that includes accurate information about your business.

Step 4: Lease Office Space

Lease an office space within the free zone. Ensure that the chosen office space meets the free zone’s specifications and requirements.

Step 5: Prepare Required Documentation

Gather the necessary documentation for the license application. The specific documents may vary based on the license type, but commonly required documents include:

Step 6: Submit Documentation

Submit the completed application form and required documentation to the Sharjah Free Zone authority.

Step 7: Pay Fees

Pay the required fees within the specified timeframe. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the license, along with other relevant documents and certificates.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is crucial when obtaining a license in Sharjah Free Zones to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of your business operations and protects you from potential legal issues.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in the Sharjah Free Zone:

Business setup in Sharjah free zone offers many benefits and advantages to companies. Some of the key benefits of setting up a company in Sharjah free zones are:

  1. 100% Foreign Ownership: This means that entrepreneurs and businesses can have complete control over their companies without requiring a local partner or sponsor.
  2. Strategic Location: Sharjah is strategically positioned in the heart of the UAE, offering easy access to major international markets in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The well-connected transportation infrastructure, including ports, airports, and highways, facilitates efficient logistics and global trade.
  3. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Sharjah Free Zone provides world-class infrastructure, including modern office spaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and advanced telecommunications services. These facilities are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.
  4. Business Support Services: Sharjah free zones, like Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone), offer a range of business support services to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their companies. These services include assistance with company registration, licensing, visas, and permits, as well as access to banking, legal, and consultancy services.
  5. Sector-Specific Zones: The Sharjah Free Zone caters to various industries through sector-specific zones, such as Sharjah Publishing City, the first publishing free zone in the world. This specialization fosters a favorable business environment and enables companies to benefit from industry-specific infrastructure and networking opportunities.

Sharjah free zone license cost

The cost of a Sharjah free zone license starts at AED 6,875, but there are additional costs and fees to consider too. For instance, if you require office or warehouse space, multi-year visas, or enhanced visa quotas, this will cost you more.

Obtaining a Sharjah Free Zone license involves certain costs, including initial setup fees and annual renewal fees. Here is an overview of the cost structure and the annual renewal process:

  1. Initial Setup Costs: The initial setup costs for obtaining a Sharjah Free Zone license typically include the following:
  1. Annual Renewal Process: To maintain the validity of your Sharjah Free Zone license, it is essential to renew it annually. The renewal process involves the following:

To maintain the validity and legality of your business operations in the Sharjah Free Zone, it is essential to prioritize the timely renewal of your license. This helps you stay compliant, and avoid any unnecessary disruptions or penalties.

Why Choose SPC Free Zone 

When it comes to setting up a business in the UAE, there’s no reason to go it alone. SPC Free Zone offers a wide range of services to suit your business needs, from the start of your journey and beyond. Whether you’re looking to ensure you have your documents in order or need help setting up a bank account, we can help.

SPC Free Zone offers more than 1,500 business activities that you can choose from when registering for a free zone business license. From publishing to e-commerce and more, our activities are all-encompassing. We also offer viable incentives including 100% foreign ownership and an option to expand your business with a dual-license option that offers both mainland and free zone on the same license. You can also get up to 20 visas under one license, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Sharjah Free Zone? 

Sharjah Free Zones are designated economic zones located in the emirate of Sharjah, and they offer a favorable environment for trade, investment, and entrepreneurship. The significance of the Sharjah Free Zone lies in its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and diverse range of sectors thriving within its boundaries.

2. Why should I consider obtaining a Sharjah Free Zone license? 

Business setup in Sharjah free zone offers many benefits and advantages to companies. Some of the key benefits of setting up a company in Sharjah free zones are:

3. Can I have 100% ownership of my business in the Sharjah Free Zone? 

Yes, you can own 100% of your business without the need for a local sponsor.

4. Are there any restrictions or regulations I should be aware of? 

The requirement and restrictions of the Sharjah free zone license may vary based on the zone within the Sharjah Free Zone and the nature of the business activity. It is advisable to consult with the free zone authority or a business setup consultant to determine the most suitable license category for your business.

5. How long does it take to obtain a Sharjah Free Zone license? 

obtaining a Sharjah free zone license is relatively easy and fast. With SPC Free Zone you can get your business license in 45 minutes only.

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