Business Setup in Dubai

If you have your sights on establishing a business setup in Dubai, congratulations! You have landed in the perfect spot. Dubai has carved its reputation as a prominent trading hub within the Middle East and across North Africa. In addition, it offers numerous advantages for businesses and corporations seeking to thrive and connect with the rest of the globe. 

Despite the challenges provided by the global pandemic and a recession, the UAE economy is set to rise at its fastest rate since 2011, exceeding original estimates. As a result, the UAE GDP is predicted to rise by 5.4 percent in 2022 and 4.2 percent in 2023. This economic potential has attracted a growing number of businesses to Dubai.  

Fortunately, establishing a business setup company in Dubai is extremely simple, especially with the aid of Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone.  

Why Start a Business in Dubai?  

Dubai and the UAE are amiable and supportive places for businesses. Over 20,000 new businesses started in Dubai last year alone, many of these were started by entrepreneurs from other countries, with the assistance of business set up companies in Dubai. As a result, around 80% to 90% of the people working in the UAE are from other countries.  

There are many good reasons why entrepreneurs worldwide prefer business setup in Dubai. The main advantages are:  

The future of business in Dubai looks promising.  So, if you’re interested in a new company setup in Dubai, or low cost business setup in Dubai, you’re not alone. The fact is that if you adequately follow the steps in this article, it won’t be difficult.  

What are the Considerations Before Starting a Business in Dubai? 

Before diving into your journey of starting a business setup in Dubai, there are a few crucial aspects that deserve your attention.  

Economic Zone: Free Zones vs Offshore  

Before you start your business journey, you must select whether you want to operate in a Free Zone or Offshore. Both solutions offer advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs.  

A Free Zone firm is registered in a free zone, an independent jurisdiction territory inside each emirate. The Free Zone Authority (FZA) is the regulatory organization operating and regulating free zones. There are already over 45 free zones across the country. Doing business in Dubai freezone is quite rewarding, with offer 100% ownership and a variety of other unique features.  

You can also register offshore companies in a free zone, and they can enjoy similar advantages. However, an offshore company is not the same as a free zone company. The main difference lies in how the business operates. For example, offshore companies are permitted to conduct business activities outside the UAE rather than within it. They also do not have any minimum capital requirements that need to be deposited before they can be established.  

Types of Licenses

If you are wondering how to start a business in Dubai when it comes to e-commerce activities, consider getting an e-commerce license from SPC Free Zone. We offer affordable prices, 1,500+ business activities, up to 20 visas, 100% foreign ownership, and quick license issuance within just 2 hours. 

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How to Set up a Business in Dubai?  

Free zones are prevalent among international entrepreneurs when starting a business and for good reasons. These zones offer compelling advantages, including zero personal tax, favorable corporate tax rates, and complete company ownership.   

To assist you with the navigation of the process, here are the 7 essential steps to setup a business in a free zone:  

Step 1: Select the company structure  

The first step involves selecting the ownership structure to initiate a business setup in Dubai’s free zones. These free zones allow 100% ownership for expatriates. Investors can register as a Free Zone Establishment or a Free Zone Company (FZC), with the main difference being the number of shareholders. Both fall under the Limited Liability Company (LLC) classification and are governed by free zone laws rather than UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL).  

Step 2: Select a trade name

Choosing a trade name is crucial for establishing your free zone company’s brand presence and identity. As part of the business setup in Dubai, it is recommended to verify the name’s validity with the DED, Department of Economic Development, or the relevant free zone authority.   

Checking the name’s compliance with trade name protocols and avoiding duplication with registered names is essential. Some naming conventions include adding the legal form of the entity (LLC, FZE, FZC) and ensuring the name does not violate public morals or public order or use the words of governing authorities, emirates, the UAE, or religions.  

Step 3. Application for a business license  

When you plan to set up a business in Dubai, one crucial step is the application for a business license. This process is essential as it determines the primary economic activities of your venture. The kind of products or services you plan to offer directly influences the trading license you need to obtain.  

Acquiring a license is of utmost importance as it serves as legal proof that your business has the right to operate within the UAE. In free zones such as SPC Free Zone (Sharjah Free Zone), trade licenses have numerous advantages. These advantages include access to over 1,500 business licenses across various industries and the possibility of obtaining a license for up to 10 years.  

Step 4: Find an Office Space 

When planning for a business setup in Dubai, one crucial aspect is selecting office space. Free zones provide entrepreneurs the flexibility they need for their office space requirements. Free zones provide a varied range of office suites, whether you choose to rent or acquire a property.  

These options vary in size and the availability of specific facilities, allowing you to tailor your office space to suit the specific needs of your business.  

Step 5: Registration  

A business setup in Dubai is a straightforward process. While registering a company in a free zone, submit your application along with the necessary trade license, documents, and paperwork. Then, you shall need to pay the registration and licensing fees.  

Unlike setting up a business in other parts of Dubai, the costs in free zones are lower. This is because you don’t need a large amount of money upfront, and office spaces are reasonably priced. So, starting a business in a free zone reduces the initial cost and makes it easier financially. Once you have completed the payment, the rest of the process is smooth.  

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How Can SPC Free Zone help you?  

In a nutshell, a business setup in Dubai is a breeze, igniting the flames of ambition within every business-minded individual. And with SPC Free Zone by your side, success is within reach. Our professional team of experts is passionate about turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a tangible reality.  

Imagine transforming your business idea into a thriving venture in just a day! We’ll help you navigate the process seamlessly with our unwavering guidance and support.  

Don’t hesitate any longer. Take that leap of faith on your path to success today. Reach out to us at SPC Free Zone, and together, let’s embark on this incredible journey toward realizing your business goals!  

How to start a business in Dubai with ease?

You can contact SPC Free Zone, and our experts will assist you in setting up your dream business in Dubai with ease. We provide comprehensive support throughout the set-up process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. 

What are the options for business setup in Dubai?

You can choose between operating in a Free Zone, Mainland or Offshore. 

What is the difference between a Free Zone and an Offshore company?

Free Zone companies operate within the UAE and have certain requirements, while offshore companies can conduct business activities outside the UAE and have no minimum capital requirements. 

What are the ownership structures available for setting up a free zone company?

Free zones allow 100% ownership for expatriates. You can register as a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) with one shareholder or a Free Zone Company (FZC) with two or more shareholders. 

How do I choose a trade name for my free zone company?

Check with the relevant authorities to ensure your chosen name complies with trade name protocols. Include the legal form of the entity and avoid violating public morals or using prohibited names. 

What is the process for obtaining a business license in a free zone?

Your trade license depends on your business activities. Free zones offer a variety of licenses across industries, such as SPC Free Zone with over 1,500 licenses and up to 10-year durations. 

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a magnet for individuals seeking a dynamic and prosperous destination for residence and work.

Investors from across the globe are increasingly drawn to the UAE, considering it a lucrative hub for diverse industries. The UAE is witnessing a growing influx of global investments, establishing the region as a key player on the international business stage. The process of setting up a business in the UAE has been streamlined, making it an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs keen on business setup in the UAE.

However, to live and do business in the UAE, it’s imperative to have a UAE Visa, a prerequisite for entry and residence. This visa is a legal formality as well as a gateway to unlocking the vast potential the UAE offers.

As investors and professionals explore opportunities to set up a company in the UAE, understanding the intricacies of obtaining and maintaining a UAE Visa becomes paramount. Regular checks on the status of the visa are essential, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding any potential legal complications. Equally crucial is the knowledge of the process of visa cancellation in the UAE, should circumstances warrant it. In this article, we take you through the details of the UAE Visa status check and the cancellation process.

Steps of Visa Status Check UAE

The Visa Status Check UAE is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the official website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)
  2. Navigate to “Services” and choose: check the visa status.
  3. Enter the needed details, including your passport number and other additional details related to your visa.
  4. Receive information on your visa status, such as the visa’s expiration date, visa type, and other information specific to your UAE visa.

Alternatively, you can contact the Amer service helpline or visit one of the Amer centers.

Cancellation of UAE Visa

The process and required documents for canceling the UAE Visa depend on many factors including the type of visa.

If you’re the sponsor of family members in the UAE and you’re canceling your residency visa in UAE, then you must cancel their residence visas first. You can also cancel the UAE Visa of the dependents if they are outside the UAE.

If you as an investor and want to cancel your UAE Visa, you can do that physically by visiting an Amer Service Center, or online using the ICP website or ICP app.

Regardless of the type of visa you want to cancel, the process usually takes 1-2 working days for most visa types and involves submitting the required documents, paying the applicable visa cancellation fees, and obtaining the cancellation approval letter by email.

Documents Required To Cancel UAE Visa

Documents required to cancel a UAE Visa differ based on the type of the visa. The key documents required at SPC Free Zone to cancel a family, employee, or investor visa include:




How SPC Free Zone can help you?

Though the process of canceling a UAE Visa is straightforward, it requires good knowledge of the requirements and regulations. Get the assistance of qualified professionals and contact our team at SPC Free Zone. We provide high-standard support services including spouse and children’s visa assistance, documentation, corporate bank assistance, and many more.

With SPC Free Zone, you can also choose from more than 1,500 business activities and take advantage of up to 20 visa quotas and competitive business setup packages. Our customers who want to set up a business in Sharjah free zones benefit from a whole string of benefits like zero paid-up share capital. With immigration services on-site, you can also get your license issued in less than 45 minutes, and your UAE residency visa in 5 working days.

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