We are the
free zone.


from over 1,500 business activities in commercial sectors, professional sectors, trading sectors and e-commerce sectors.


such as our coworking spaces, offices, warehouses, retail spaces, storage and more.


up to 5 activities from different categories.


your business with dual-license option that offers the ability to do business in both the free zone and the mainland jurisdictions.


Up to 20 visas under one trade license.


Prime location only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 7 minutes from Sharjah International Airport on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311).

We are the

free zone.

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Start Small. Dream Big. Grow Faster.

SPC Free Zone offers a wide range of business support services as a one-stop shop solution for your business needs.

Covers all types of businesses

We offer over 1,500 business license activities along with many business support services to ensure that not only are we the ideal fit for your dream business but also help you in making it successful.

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Facilities for all types of business needs

We have various types of facilities such as coworking, commercial, office, retail, storage, and warehouse spaces for you to operate your business from.

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Success Stories

A visual guide could be
a wireframe, creative composition,
or informa1on architecture.
A device that enables collaborationon will lessen the chance of work having to be completely redone.

Cha Ji-Hun Cha Ji-Hun Co-founder of Forpeople

The visual guide will provide a
view to the customer of what their website or project will end up looking like. It ensures that they
are kept up to date on
any evelopments.

Henry Itondo Henry Itondo Founder of Forma DS

Informa1on design is the
presenta1on—placement and
priori1za1on of informa1on in a
way that facilitates understanding. Informa1on design is an area of
user experience design.

Fua Lamba Fua Lamba Co-founder of Forma DS
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Set up a company in the free zone with an option to have a dual free zone and mainland license

  • Apply

    Submit application and payment

  • Processing

    Application verified by SPC Free Zones

  • Collect

    Receive your license and other company documents

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Your Business’s Future is Strategically Located in the Heart of Sharjah

Primely located with access to over 40 trading ports on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 7 minutes from Sharjah International Airport.

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