5 Business Opportunities During Expo 2020

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Expo 2020 is set to become the world’s greatest show, attracting over 25 million visitors to the UAE. The six-month-long event began in October 2021, and is set to run until March 2022. Expo 2020 has already brought in a host of opportunities for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop business plans for initial setups and expansions to horizons across the region and beyond.

Under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, the 4.38 km site is set to boost businesses in the country by providing a platform for ventures to network and build relationships with investors and other parties throughout the event. This article explores the various business opportunities lined up for your business at Expo 2020.

1. Opportunities to boost revenue

With the event set to bring in over 25 million visitors throughout its six-month run, revenues for certain lines of businesses will increase proportionately. Ventures set up in industries like tourism, food and beverage, and construction, are set to see major boosts in revenue that is in direct correlation with the event and the visitors it will bring. This increase is great for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who lack the global reach needed to take their venture to the next level.

2. Expanding clientele network

The six-month-long event will bring in investors from all across the globe, making Expo 2020 a unique event and a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in connecting and interacting with foreign investors. The platform that the event provides can enable investors and business owners to create mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships that can aid the venture in long term financial and operational success.

3. Enhancing brand value

Expo 2020 is an event that encourages the connection between innovation and business. By showcasing innovative solutions through business and product models, companies participating in the event can give themselves a leg up compared to the rest, effectively creating a competitive edge. Additionally, this stage can also serve as a method by which businesses can demonstrate their strategies, solutions, and marketability, effectively building brand value as well.

4. Increased talent pool

The increase in inflow of visitors is an indicator that the pool of applicants for jobs will increase, both in quantity and quality. Finding the perfect fit for a job within your organization will become a lot smoother with a wider selection available amongst potential candidates. Additionally, the more people get employed, the higher the standard of living will be, due to the increased purchasing power of the consumer. This ultimately means that revenue across industries will increase in response to the increased spending capacity of individuals within the country.

5. Improved infrastructure

The government of the UAE has invested a significant amount in the infrastructure involved with the event. Once the event is over, the site will be reused and effectively become known as District2020, an area that features offices, residential spaces, as well as other amenities. Entrepreneurs can choose to set up their establishment in this area, enabling them to gain access to both local and international markets effectively. The District2020 program is one that provides SMEs within the region the benefits and location required to successfully begin a business in the UAE. Some of the perks offered by the program include subsidized urban living, up to 2 years of free working space as well as other business-related services.

Expo 2020 is a lucrative once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for companies and organizations to grow. Utilizing these opportunities can be done with the help of our consultants at SPC Free Zone.  Contact us at 800 SPC FZ today to capitalize on the opportunities Expo 2020 will bring to your business.

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