5 Female Owned Businesses in the UAE you Need to Know About

Female Owned Businesses in the UAE

The UAE is well known for its business-friendly climate and initiatives that allow businesses to thrive. The scope of reach is not only limited to business aid, but also includes the promotion of women-run companies within the country. As a testament to the country’s drive to create a female-friendly business environment, many women entrepreneurs have started the business of their dreams and thrived. In this article, we explore some of the top companies that are run and owned by women in the UAE.

1. Mumz World by Mona Ataya

Mona Ataya is a leading entrepreneur and pioneer within the region. She started her renowned brand – Mumz World, when she realized that there was no existence of a company that provided support for mothers who needed advice and aid with purchasing decisions regarding their children. Her aim was to create a company that served to empower mothers and educate them by providing information on various products, enabling them to choose what’s best for their children. She is a stout believer in going after what you want, and being grateful for the experience, whether it be good or bad. Her brand is a reflection of what she values most: which is passion, empowerment, and a will to do right by the customer.

2. Hayawiia by Tahany Taher

Hayawiia is an Emirati-female owned business based in the UAE. The name is inspired from the Arabic term for health, vitality, and vigour. Tahany Taher decided to start the company when she noticed that there were many parents and children with dietary restrictions or allergies, shelling out a fortune to provide for their needs – especially during the pandemic. The motto that drove her to start her company was to enable individuals to fulfil their clean food needs without breaking the bank. The company’s mission is to bring their customers the best clean products at the tap of a finger to their doorstep. They actively promote balanced nutrition and include a broad range of products that cater to allergies, food intolerances, cultural choices, and dietary restrictions. Moreover, they aim to provide everyone with access to healthy and clean living, by providing products that are truly nourishing, at an accessible price point, creating a sustainable outlet to purchase daily nutritional necessities.

 3. Huda Beauty by Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty is one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands based in the UAE. It was started by Huda, Mona, and Alya Kattan in 2013, when they launched their first collection of false eyelashes under the brand at Sephora in Dubai Mall. The idea for the brand and its first product came about when Huda did not feel satisfied with the lashes available at the time, often customizing them to suit her better. She found that many were willing to buy these custom lashes and was inspired to start her own brand. Over the years, her brand has continued to achieve mainstream success, with stores all over the world, multiple product lines, and thousands flocking to her website with every new product launch.

4. Malaak by Lily Kandalaft

Malaak Mama and Baby Care is a one-stop shop for expecting families, assisting them through every step of the journey. They provide everything an expecting family needs, from parental classes and feeding and sleeping workshops, to professional maternity nurses and qualified babysitters. Their aim is to provide families with the training and expertise they’ll need to raise a child, hassle-free. Lily Kandalaft came to create the company after she realized how hard it was for her as a new mother to adapt to an entire lifestyle change. By providing pre and postnatal care, she hoped to support other mothers through their beautiful journey towards and during motherhood.

5. The Botanist by Ruby Giroux

The Botanist is a firm that believes that the choices individuals make have power. Making a difference can sometimes be difficult, especially if there aren’t many options available. Ruby Giroux realized this gap and decided to start a company that made it easier and accessible for people to make the right choices and purchase clean and sustainable products at a reasonable price. The company provides sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to dish soap, kitchen sprays, floor cleaners and much more, turning the dream of sustainable living into reality.

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