5 Steps To Setting Up Your First Office In The UAE

In times of today, establishing a business is crucial for everyone around the globe. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the notion of having one’s own business has proven more reliable than any other corporate position. 

In the pursuit of establishing a business, one often encounters the step where one needs to set up their first office. However, that is an entirely different perspective since the offices get divided into headquarters and branches.

Note that the number of offices may increase depending on business expansion. 

Establishing your first office in the UAE requires completing some crucial steps. With the option of a furnished office for rent in Sharjah, you must know the prerequisites beforehand. 

setting up your first office in the UAE

Remember, having your first office is important because it is a vital step in gaining a trade license. If you are hoping to move forward with this notion, then read on, as, in this article, we will explore 5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE ; 

  • Finding the right office 
  • Steps to setting up your first office 
  • Why choose SPC Free Zone? 

Finding the right office-5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE

In determining the setup process of your first office, it is essential to remember that location is the first factor you will need to consider. The business premise needs to be easy to locate and accessible by public or private transportation. 

Another crucial element of consideration is the size of the office. The office that one chooses to be the initial one in their business journey needs to have enough space for employees. It should allow both working and client entertaining spaces according to the nature of work. 

In determining the location of your first office in the UAE, remember that your employees will be spending eight hours, five days a week here; therefore, it should either have or be near essential amenities. 

Once the perfect space for an office with these elements has been decided upon, the next step would be to set it up. The first office of a business should be impressive and convenient for both clients and stakeholders alike. 

  1. Applying for a trade license 

Before deciding whether you want to rent a physical office or work out of a co-working space, you must have already begun the journey of obtaining a Trade License application. In order to occupy commercial real estate in the UAE, you will need to have a company name approved by the authorities. These, in turn, will be the ones issuing Trade licenses to your business. The full Trade License only gets approved once the lease of the property has been agreed upon.

  1. Location of your commercial property 

The location of your office or commercial lease property will depend on the trade license you plan to apply for. There exist two types of trade licenses in the UAE, a mainland trade license and a free zone trade license. Each of these has its dedicated trading zone. Before finalizing your property, it is important to research the zone limits. 

  1. Office fit out 

Before moving ahead with the research for your office, finding the fit-out that suits your needs is best. For commercial property, there exist four different fit-out options. These are shell and core, fitted, partitioned or fully furnished. As a business owner, if you already hold a vision in mind, then a shell and core may be an exciting project, but keep in mind that this option can be expensive in nature. If you want to begin your business as soon as viable, a fully furnished unit would be ideal. 

  1. Make an offer

Once a commercial property has been finalized, the next step would be to make an offer. You will need to provide your company’s trade license application documents and business owner ID to proceed with the process. You will need to put in an offer to your broker, and then the negotiation process with the landlord will begin. 

  1. Administration 

In order to seal the deal for a rented office, initial approval for a trade license and passport must be gained. Be sure to take ample time before signing the document. Read it thoroughly, including the fine text and if there are any questions, be sure to have it all cleared with your property broker. 

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone helps support businesses, including an opportunity to opt for a dual license for the mainland and the free zone. Moreover, businesses can maximize profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership. Each license includes up to 20 visas, too.

Additionally, SPC Free Zone offers shell & core, furnished, unfurnished as well as co-working spaces for rent. Special discounts on visas and licenses are offered to customers who choose to rent spaces within SPC Free Zone.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading license for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and 5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE they need to navigate their way. 

SPC Free Zone is here to help with your business setup in the UAE!

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