6 Low-Investment Tech Startup Ideas In Sharjah

6 low-investment tech startup ideas in Sharjah

Becoming a tech entrepreneur can be a lucrative option for young, talented individuals across the globe. 

Let us walk you through 6 low-investment tech startup ideas in Sharjah that can be high-yielding, and can align with your long-term goals.  

If you are an entrepreneur considering a  tech startup, the last element you need to worry about is the paperwork when you may already have a lot on your plate. SPC Free Zone can assist you in getting started with the necessary documentation and legalities and making the business set up a simple, hassle-free process.

Oftentimes, one falls short of ideas in the race to get to the top. After all, the world is full of options, but you seek something unique, an idea that would resonate with your vision. One of the most preferred niches in the market today is for tech startups that require minimal investments. While being light on the pocket, your tech startup idea needs to be high-yield as well. 

  1. Marketing Company 

Several years ago, the phrase “the world is a global village” came into existence. Today, it stands truer than ever as the internet provides accessibility options from all across the globe. A majority of corporations across the world rely on “marketing” to spread the word. After all, social media has been ablaze in recent times, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Businesses today are reliant on networking online, and that is where “marketing” slides in. With options like google analytics and meta-marketing, companies seek marketing teams to spread the word. A tech startup that focuses on marketing is a low-investment option with high-yield potential. Once the team lead is able to generate a portfolio of top-notch companies, the array of options to work with would be vast. 

  1. Web Design 

For an entrepreneur who is web-inclined, starting a low-investment tech startup directed toward web designing can be a lucrative option. After all, the corporate world of today is heavily reliant on functional and easy-to-navigate web pages that would garner potential customers. If you can assist corporate companies in this regard, then the startup holds the potential to grow exponentially and can churn substantial revenue. If done right, a web design startup with experienced individuals can rise above the expected threshold of performance. 

  1. IT Company 

While some businesses around the globe have focused on their digital journey and online presence, many did not concentrate their efforts on an online market.  The COVID-19 pandemic, however, allowed businesses in virtually all niches to widen their horizon and expand online. Regardless of the need of the hour, the majority may still not have the time, skills, or resources to expand their vision online successfully. The art of managing an online campaign with Ads tailored for the targeted audience is difficult to ascertain for most. In this light, an IT startup is a viable option. 

  1. Software Company 

Amongst low-investment tech startup options, a software house is a feasible option. As an IT professional, one can develop different types of customized software for businesses. Corporations acquire software that would assist in solution provision. While developing a software company, an entrepreneur must remember that proper marketing planning is key. If done right, the software company can grow by leaps and bounds. 

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Services 

A tech-startup company that would provide artificial intelligence services can be a suitable investment option in Sharjah. Since the pandemic, the world has become dependent on artificial intelligence. In the healthcare sector, lab results and biological processes require artificial intelligence to update data sources. 

On cybersecurity platforms, Artificial Intelligence assists in eliminating foreign threats. In the hospitality industry, options like dining reservations and online delivery with instant chat boxes allow seamless service provision. As a result, a tech startup focused on AI services can be feasible and profitable. 

  1. Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services 

In the past few years, the health industry has significantly changed with improvements in its technological niche. Many tech companies today are streaming their services for the healthcare industry. As per recent studies, telecommunication with patients can resolve 80% of primary medical attention required. Moreover, with virtual medical services, hospitals can streamline and improve their services. So, This is why these 6 low-investment tech startup ideas in Sharjah focused on telehealth services can be rewarding.

With digitalization taking strides toward modifying the world’s landscape today, investing in technology is a viable long-term option. Starting a low-investment tech startup in Sharjah through SPC Free Zone can be a feasible option, considering the global competitive landscape.

If you are currently looking to start your own technology business then SPC Free Zone is the right platform for you.

Our seamless business setup process can simplify your new journey and help kickstart a rewarding venture. Here are some tips which ensure your start-up doesn’t fail.

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