All about SPC Free Zone’s Concierge Services

SPC Free Zone's Concierge Services

SPC Free Zone is one of the best free zones the UAE has to offer. Its central location allows for ease of access, and its business-friendly services and offerings all make for a great platform to start the business of your dreams with. Along with general perks, ownership, and licensing advantages, SPC Free Zone also provides entrepreneurs with a host of concierge services. These services have been designed to be convenient, hassle-free, and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Starting a business using these services makes the setup process easier. With the help of the free zone’s highly specialized experts, your business can be one step closer to entrepreneurial success. In this article, we elaborate on the various types of concierge services you can expect to receive from SPC Free Zone.

1. Dual licensing options

SPC Free Zone provides entrepreneurs the flexibility of starting a business both on the mainland and within the free zone. By providing dual licensing, they give their complete support in registering the business with the relevant mainland authority as well, that is; Sharjah Economy Development Department (SEDD).

2. Emirates ID and medical test assistance

All business owners in the UAE are required to have an Emirates ID in their name. SPC Free Zone provides assistance not only in the application for the ID, but also for the medical tests that follow. They will assist you in booking an appointment and will place your application on a fast-track basis, thus smoothly fulfilling the basic requirements you’ll need to have for a business setup process. Moreover, they also provide assistance with the application, renewal, and cancellation of all residence visas registered under the business, which also includes a domestic workers visa.

3. Corporate bank account opening

SPC Free Zone provides assistance and recommendations on the best type of bank account your business needs based on its specific requirements from a curated list of reputable banks within the UAE. Moreover, they also aid in preparing and submitting the required documentation needed to set up a corporate bank account.

4. Document clearing, tax certificates, customs code, and other legal requirements

SPC Free Zone aids in providing the best possible assistance when it comes to what documents your business will require to be able to run legally within the country. This involves preparing the documents required, receiving the needed government attestation, notarization of said documents, and translation services amongst other facilities that can aid with the clearance of legally required documentation and paperwork.

Moreover, in line with ensuring that your business is compliant with all legal proceedings, the free zone also assists individuals and businesses in the process of obtaining a tax certificate. These tax certifications are issued by the UAE Ministry of Finance and are a must for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business. They also assist businesses who are involved in export/import trades by aiding them in the process of obtaining a customs code required for the clearance of goods with a valid trading or commercial license.

5. Additional services

SPC Free Zone is committed to providing services that can elevate your business to new heights. They provide a phone answering service, that can answer calls to your business from any location, ensuring that the contact information of your virtual receptionist is unique to your business. Additionally, they also provide other value-added services like company stamps and printing services, P. O. Box, and other priority services.

Starting a business of your dreams is a hassle-free process, using SPC Free Zone’s dedicated concierge services. Contact us at 800 SPCFZ (77239) to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

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