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Bio: Afreen is an expert in the Business Setup process.

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How do Successful Entrepreneurs differ from Ordinary People?

Posted on: 22 Nov 2022

In a world of 7 billion people, only a handful leave a mark. These individuals are primarily entrepreneurs who become billionaires. While individuals can fade with time, an idea never does. How do Successful Entrepreneurs differ from Ordinary People? The lives of successful entrepreneurs begin with an idea. However, the element that sets successful entrepreneurs aside […]

What small businesses need to know about branding

Posted on: 17 Nov 2022

Establishing a business is one of the most viable options for entrepreneurs who plan to grow. Starting a small-scale business is often the first step in establishing a revenue-generating resource. The process of company formation follows a series of steps. These include deciding upon the company’s name, services/products, company registration and licensing. Countries like the […]

How to streamline your startup?

Posted on: 14 Nov 2022

The goal of an entrepreneur is to provide customers with effective and efficient services. The provision of high-standard services implies improvement in regular business operations for a company, streamlining procedures and boosting effectiveness. If you are looking forward to having a business setup in Sharjah, then learning ways to streamline the process is essential. In […]

Top 5 business startup ideas

Posted on: 12 Nov 2022

The year 2022 has seen a lot of rapid developments in terms of businesses. Individuals across the globe are looking for opportunities that can assist their growth. If you plan to widen your horizons and have a plan for business setup in Sharjah, let us help you brainstorm some ideas.  In this article, we will […]

5 Reasons why co-working is a great option for your first business

Posted on: 10 Nov 2022

Establishing your first business is a milestone for a professional journey. Suppose you are currently enroute to building an avenue of resources. If you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurship journey and have limited capital,  co-working spaces might be an excellent option. A co-working space is exactly what it sounds like. Coffee and couches that […]

5 Steps to Setting Up Your First Office in the UAE

Posted on: 08 Nov 2022

In times of today, establishing a business is crucial for everyone around the globe. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the notion of having one’s own business has proven more reliable than any other corporate position.  In the pursuit of establishing a business, one often encounters the step where one needs to set up their first office. […]

Steps to get a green visa in the UAE

Posted on: 05 Nov 2022

As the world economy transcends novel levels, countries have been modifying their rules and regulations. In order to facilitate talented and skilled workers, the UAE has introduced a 5-year Green residence visa. This visa type will allow for flexibility in the job market while fostering a high sense of stability amongst residents and families.  The […]

5 Common Business Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: 03 Nov 2022

Beginning the journey towards a business requires knowledge and diligence. With the right constituents, a successful business can be forged. Despite the lucrative aspects of starting a business, oftentimes, entrepreneurs find impedance in their path because of the idea of failure. In order to avoid business losses, one can ensure that some common business mistakes […]

How to overcome fear as a creative Entrepreneur

Posted on: 01 Nov 2022

Being a creative entrepreneur in the world of today is a remunerative opportunity. Acquiring skills that would be the stepping stone towards success is necessary. However, certain fears prove to be an impedance for entrepreneurs.  In short, fear is the enemy of success, and creative entrepreneurs are often confronted with it while thinking about company […]

6 Reasons to Register a Company in the UAE

Posted on: 28 Oct 2022

In the high paced world of today, developing a business is one of the top priorities for individuals who pursue change. Climbing the corporate ladder demands enthusiasm, which entrepreneurs demonstrate with good grace.  Before establishment, a corporation has to be registered in the country it plans to function within. In this regard, the location where […]

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