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How do Successful Entrepreneurs differ from Ordinary People?

In a world of 7 billion people, only a handful leave a mark. These individuals are primarily entrepreneurs who become billionaires. While individuals can fade with time, an idea never does. How do Successful Entrepreneurs differ from Ordinary People?

The lives of successful entrepreneurs begin with an idea. However, the element that sets successful entrepreneurs aside from ordinary people is not just an “idea”. Instead, it is an ability to foster a vision. It is their unfaltering ability to see beyond the vision of an ordinary eye. 

Amongst the various countries of the world that welcome entrepreneurs and innovative ideas, the frontier is occupied by the UAE. The UAE business setup opportunities allow young entrepreneurs to foster their vision. 

With options like a golden visa and 0% income tax, the UAE welcomes entrepreneurs with the vision to be successful. In fact, business setup fees in Sharjah and Dubai are minimal with an easy-to-follow company registration process. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to become successful, read on. In this blog, we will explore:

Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Some traits due to which successful entrepreneurs differ from ordinary people are as follows. 

  1. Ask new questions instead of old answers 

A core difference between successful entrepreneurs and ordinary individuals is their thinking. Ordinary people often prefer a traditional way of living. They are bound to the idea of a “9 to 5” routine in which their lives are planned according to their predecessors.

Following the rules and old habits is easy for these individuals. They find a sense of security and comfort in a life with minimal changes. Conversely, successful entrepreneurs are always dissatisfied with the status quo.

A successful person does not confine themselves to the bounds of comfort. These individuals want to avoid repeating old answers. Instead, these are the ones who seek new horizons with questions that have not been asked before. They embrace opportunities for growth in the form of challenges. 

  1. Setting up realistic goals 

Ordinary people prefer living in the confines of their comfort. They need to see the significance of setting up higher goals. To them, life is about the events that occur in a specific sequence. According to ordinary people, they do not have a say in whatever flows in their life.

In the minds of ordinary people, whatever happens, is out of their hands. Their efforts are directed towards complaining about the elements of nature that are not working in their favor. If something does follow the path they want, it is considered “pure luck”; if something does not follow their path of desire, that’s labelled as “fate.” 

Successful people understand the importance of setting up “realistic” goals instead of “fantasizing” about a life they should have been living. Successful entrepreneurs are focused on starting a business. In doing so, they understand the significance of setting a goal and taking steps towards it daily. 

  1. Creating opinions about How do Successful Entrepreneurs differ from Ordinary People?

Ordinary people are often scared of not following the crowd. They do not think twice about an opinion that is discussed around them. These individuals are the ones who try to blend into the community. 

For ordinary people, whatever others are saying is correct. These individuals are the ones who are often easily coerced due to peer pressure. Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are incredibly resistant to accepting ideas without questioning them. 

These individuals think broadly about life and expect others to do the same. As a result, these individuals often bring about a change in the system, a reform in constitutions and set a new array of trends. 

Successful individuals are not bothered by the opinion of others. They are confident in bringing their innovative views to the limelight. While ordinary people dream, successful people create. Their focus is on influencing people rather than being influenced by them. 

While ordinary people may think about making others happy with their obedient attitude, successful people understand that others can adjust their standards in accordance with them. Successful people talk about ideas, while ordinary people complain about life and its problems. 

  1. Failure is a stepping stone

In the pursuit of greatness, individuals often falter. While ordinary people deem failure as impending doom, successful individuals consider it a stepping stone. 

While no individual likes to fail, successful individuals understand that failures are a part of life. They realize that nobody is born “great”; instead, greatness is garnered with the courage to follow one’s dream.

In the pursuit of doing so, one may encounter several impedances. While an average person considers a block in their road to success as the end of the journey, successful people view them as stepping stones to more potential. 

Ordinary people often need help understanding the artistic thought process acquired in re-inventing themselves when they fail. In their minds, failure is a limiting factor. Successful entrepreneurs, however, realize that failure is an opportunity for redirection. They understand that it is aligned to rethink their strategy. 

  1. Realize future potential 

Ordinary people never think their hard work will land them places. In their opinion, the world operates on an agenda against them. A vendetta that they seemingly cannot outrun in time. 

Successful people, however, understand that every obstacle in their road is because of limitations others have set for themselves. Successful entrepreneurs see the bigger picture and know they can create a brand new reality if they garner the strength to work towards it.  

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Establishing a business is one of the most viable options for entrepreneurs who plan to grow. Starting a small-scale business is often the first step in establishing a revenue-generating resource.

The process of company formation follows a series of steps. These include deciding upon the company’s name, services/products, company registration and licensing.

Countries like the UAE offer lucrative options like free zone company formation and mainland business establishment to entrepreneurs. Most business owners consider the free zone a viable choice because of the profitable returns it offers.

However, small-scale businesses often need to pay more attention to an integral marketing element known as branding in their pursuit.

As a small business owner, if you are looking forward to understanding the intricacies of branding, read on. In this blog, we will explore;

Importance of branding

A business brand plays a pivotal role in placing it at a top-tier position with respect to the target audience. Essentially, it influences every aspect of the customer’s perception in regard to the company. Branding includes:

The brand of a business speaks to the customer about the products or services offered, customer relation types, employee relations, the company’s business values, social goals and promises.

Another integral element of branding is that it allows small businesses to stand out from the competition. Developing a brand beyond a logo implies thoughts and efforts. Using a media development strategy, a small business can highlight its potential to the targeted population.

Core strategies for branding

Certain strategies play an integral role in branding for small businesses. These include;

  1. Defining the brand identity

Branding of a business is more than just a logo on a website. Branding is more about “who” the company is, what values it portrays, and the mission it relies upon. Branding is about how a company treats its customers and the looks of the virtual assets associated with a company. Essentially, before designing the logo of a business, small business owners should focus on defining their “brand identity.”

  1. Be visual with your brand

Before defining a brand strategy, businesses need to focus on “who” they are, who their customers are, what makes their brand special and what services they offer in the industry. Once these steps have been followed, the next is to design the brand.

While designing a brand, it is important to focus on details of the design strategy like the brand colour, palette and font. A brand style guide is a blueprint for designers, business owners and employees. It helps navigate the voice and tone of a company while maintaining consistency.

Designing a brand also requires a logo that is integrally the company’s face. It is the first thing that potential customers will encounter and remember. Branding a business also requires business cards and a website. Essentially, business owners should remember to keep the brand logo, colour, voice and tone consistent throughout.

  1. Establish a trustful relationship

In business, trust plays a pivotal role. Individuals prefer doing business with brands they can trust. As a small business owner, establishing trust can be time-consuming. In order to speed up the process, a company can look for partnership opportunities with other brands that their customers are already connected with.

In order to build customer relations, advertising and marketing play an integral role. However, small business owners may have a limited advertising budget. In this scenario, content marketing, as compared to advertising, is a more reliable option.

Content marketing allows business owners to get their name at the forefront. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to demonstrate their industry expertise. Once business owners have established themselves as go-to resources and subject matter experts, they will have the audience’s trust.

As a result, when the time arrives to choose a company, the audience will likely prefer their company. In terms of business branding, content marketing is an excellent strategy since it strengthens brand voice. A consistent brand voice in the form of content reinforces who the company is and the services it can provide to customers.

  1. Be a reliable source for customers

In order to establish a brand, business owners need to prove their potential by action. Branding is more than just a logo, marketing strategies or customer attention-garnering tactics. It is also about how well a company connects with their customer and the reputation it garners.

In order to succeed in branding, a company has to follow up on its claims of providing high-quality services. A company’s customer service needs to be a top priority to establish itself competitively. If customers have positive experiences with a brand, they will likely return.

  1. Building an emotional connection

A business’s top branding priority should be building an emotional connection. After all, people are loyal to brands, not their services. Strong brand loyalty in customers can ensure that they will always pick your products over others. Branding helps companies create an emotional connection with customers by meeting their level.

Suppose a company sets its deepest values and guidelines with respect to its customer. In that case, it is more likely to garner potential customers’ attention. One manner in which this can be done is by ensuring that the brand voice and tone align with the values of the targeted audience. Special media marketing strategies can be customised to meet the customer’s emotional values.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

At SPC Free Zone, our primary goal is to facilitate entrepreneurs in their journey. Our affordable packages with competitive benefits can streamline your business. Our customers benefit from a whole string of benefits like zero paid-up share capital and 0% corporate and personal income tax.

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The goal of an entrepreneur is to provide customers with effective and efficient services. The provision of high-standard services implies improvement in regular business operations for a company, streamlining procedures and boosting effectiveness.

If you are looking forward to having a business setup in Sharjah, then learning ways to streamline the process is essential.

In this article, we will talk about the following,

Streamlining a startup

Streamlining businesses refers to reducing inefficiencies and time-taking tasks to achieve maximum efficiency. The world is evolving and becoming smart in terms of operational activities. Hence, everyone needs to do maximum work in a minimum amount of time to prevent time wastage. One can boost their business activities by streamlining the startup in these incredible ways explained below.

Methods to streamline

Since efficient operations are necessary for successful business practices, one must increase the startup’s operational effectiveness to remain competitive. Businesses can become more successful over time if they follow a few simple procedures to improve their business operations and processes.

One must examine the entire operation and look for ways to streamline and speed up the process if one plans to maximize workflow. Often, businesses can do this by getting rid of tedious or meaningless procedures.

People can also build their businesses on routine tasks that must be done regularly, such as identifying current business trends and technologies and designing strategies to achieve the required objectives. One can also streamline the startup by removing unnecessary activities to achieve maximum efficiency.

  1. Automation

In a startup, one may find out that some activities are repetitive and can be automated if they are doing them manually. For example, scheduling posts, salary disbursement, maintaining employee payroll records, and even forming manual invoices. All of these activities can be automated by using specialized software. One can significantly reduce the workload with the use of automation tools. As a reward, they will get more time to invest in projects that generate income. Every business process has an automation tool for a good turn of events. Businesses can drastically change working hours if they can identify them and put them to use. Startups can conserve resources and time by using these tools.

  1. Use of Technology

One can streamline a startup by using technology to boost the business and, for example, implementing SEO in a business strategy to gain maximum engagement. One can use digital media to enhance visibility among the target audience to get a competitive advantage.

On the other hand, one can use technology to enhance digital processes, such as electronic devices for video conferences and virtual communication spaces for remote teams, instead of renting out an office. This will help startups to save costs.

  1. Outsource

People can streamline their startups by saving a huge cost by hiring freelancers to perform specialized duties rather than hiring full-time employees. Freelancers can actively overtake critical business operations such as marketing activities, HR management, and business or financial consultation services at a minimum cost.

Outsourcing tedious tasks can save a lot of time and cost and make people boost productivity. One can focus on significant issues of the startup rather than completing projects which freelancers or outsourced agencies can efficiently perform.

  1. Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)

One of the most promising ways to streamline a startup is to use efficient CRM software, which can help to run a business efficiently. This enables managers to enhance the day-to-day operations and use the most up-to-date tools to grow their company and engage in a substantially greater position. Because one may act as a significantly larger corporation with few resources, this strategy is excellent for startups.

  1. Focus on employee training

Employees are the most valuable resource of a company. To streamline a startup, one needs to focus on extensive employee training to perform business activities. For this, hiring and training a skilled workforce is the crucial step. One should establish a strong ethical culture in a startup to motivate employees. Maintain a goal, train employees, measure success, and create a positive work atmosphere to satisfy the employees.

  1. Hybrid or Remote Meetings

Many businesses waste valuable time conducting unnecessary meetings that never reach their outcomes. To shift the focus to prioritized tasks, managers can conduct hybrid or remote meetings via video conferences to save time. Moreover, meetings are significant for any startup as it fosters collaboration and feedback. One should encourage the team to attend meetings to record weekly business agendas and activities and monitor progress to evaluate the business performance.

Digital technologies provide modern and smart solutions to streamline startups. One can ensure business efficiency by focusing on these steps to streamline the startup. Businesses can save a lot of time by utilizing valuable resources most efficiently. Streamlining your startup also boosts productivity. Employees are more likely to be productive when businesses streamline operations. Employees have a better understanding of their daily tasks and expectations.

When businesses eliminate unnecessary tasks, employees can focus more on the overall performance of their output. By focusing exclusively on these smart strategies, one should streamline the business and gain a competitive advantage.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone can assist businesses in streamlining their operations by providing various growth opportunities. With SPC Free Zone, businesses can be set up quickly and hassle-free.

We offer different setup packages depending on business requirements. These include obtaining a memorandum of association (MOA), Lease Agreement, Business Activity Certificate, and Trade License.

Moreover, SPC Free Zone provides licenses that include up to 20 visas. With SPC Free Zone, businesses can maximize their profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading license for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way.

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The year 2022 has seen a lot of rapid developments in terms of businesses. Individuals across the globe are looking for opportunities that can assist their growth. If you plan to widen your horizons and have a plan for business setup in Sharjah, let us help you brainstorm some ideas. 

In this article, we will talk about the following. 

Starting a drop shipping business

Amongst the most accessible and low-cost options for company formation, drop shipping is an ideal choice. Drop shipping is essentially a fulfilment model wherein a third-party supplier stores and ships the inventory to customers on behalf of another company.

It is amongst the best business startup ideas because it has low overhead costs, is hands-off and scalable. As a drop shipping business owner, you would only need to handle products with others. You only need to make the sales and pass the orders on to the suppliers. It is among the most seamless and quickest ways of starting a business. 

One way a drop shipping business can be optimised is by curating products from one or more suppliers in an online store under a theme that is specific to a particular niche. Some examples could include gear for gym enthusiasts or water bowls for cat owners. When a customer purchases from the website, the order is sent to the supplier, who then fulfils it on your behalf. 

However, you will be responsible for marketing and customer service as a drop shipping business owner. Dropshipping business owners can work with an extensive range of local and overseas suppliers as long as a relationship is built on trust. An unreliable supplier can reflect poorly on your business, which is why robust research is necessary. 

Another reason why a drop shipping business is an outstanding opportunity is that it can be utilised to test product-market fit before launching a business. Once the data has been obtained, you can invest in your original product. Before beginning the journey, however, it is essential to order a sample for yourself to ensure the supplier’s reliability and the quality of the products.  

Selling print-on-demand posters, mugs and cards

Customised cards with printed texts are the new talk of the town. However, the limitation is not imposed on just greetings; nowadays, individuals are interested in buying customised mugs, posters and notebooks.

 As a business owner, if you are artistically inclined or have an idea about the usage of a camera, you can dropship a print-on-demand business model to allow others to own a physical piece of your work. 

Before moving forward with the business structure, it is imperative to remember that you will need the right to the content that will be printed. Moreover, if there is a public domain asset that is being used. In that case, rights for free monetisation need to be obtained. 

This small business idea is a lucrative opportunity for those who have an engaged online following. For example, urban photographers or cartoonists can reap substantial benefits from this business idea. 

Depending on the printer one works with, the product can be turned into posters, framed wall art and even greeting cards. Numerous low-cost digital templates and mockup generators exist today that can be used to showcase products without having to print each item. 

Establish an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company

Amongst the business startup ideas of 2022, establishing an AI company is a phenomenal choice. The world is rapidly turning its attention towards Artificial intelligence as it seamlessly shortens the time required for industrial functions. 

The statistics show that it is an ideal time to start an artificial intelligence business in the UAE. Various industries like businesses, healthcare, and hospitality have integrated AI-related resources into their infrastructure. By 2030, the Middle East is expected to tune USD 230 billion using AI.

In order to establish an AI company, you will need to name your company, obtain a licence and visa. If you decide to set up the company in the free zone, the visa application will be a part of the company formation process and will be managed accordingly. Keep in mind that you may require further documentation along with biometric and medical examinations.  

Selling handcrafted and homemade goods

A small business idea based on your talent for developing and procuring products can serve you well. Among the vast array of options for small businesses, one of them is to sell handcrafted and homemade goods. If you are good at making DIY soaps, candles or pottery, then your craft can assist you in achieving a unique position. 

It would be best if you considered shipping and inventory management to create a small business setup with DIY products. However, another option is to work as per-order is received or when a small batch is ordered. Follow this until the flow of orders becomes consistent. 

In this regard, as a new entrepreneur, one will need to be careful about the regulations upon product category, especially if it is going to be eaten, inhaled or topically applied by the customer. 

Become an influencer

The digital world has had an extensive influence on the economy of nations worldwide. Well-known digital creators and social media influencers are located in the UAE, making it a viable business option to explore. For those who are avidly interested in social media, becoming an influencer in the UAE is an option. 

In order to make this line of work transparent and more professional, the UAE government has introduced new rules and regulations. The rules are not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users; instead, vloggers and bloggers must abide by them as well. 

You will need a permit to establish your business as an influencer in the UAE. A more cost-effective option to obtain one is by applying for it in a free zone. The cost for the licence in Sharjah is around AED 5,750. 

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone helps provide business setup services to company owners in the United Arab Emirates. Our services include the opportunity to opt for a dual licence for the mainland and free zone. Each licence can include up to 100 visas, too. Moreover, businesses can maximise profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading licence for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way. 

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Establishing your first business is a milestone for a professional journey. Suppose you are currently enroute to building an avenue of resources. If you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurship journey and have limited capital,  co-working spaces might be an excellent option.

A co-working space is exactly what it sounds like. Coffee and couches that ensure a relaxed and safe environment and provide a pathway for relaxation and high-end performance.

A co-working space provides variable opportunities and benefits to startups as well. One of the best cities in the UAE wherein company formation can be a high-end opportunity is Sharjah. 

The popularity of co-working spaces is spreading here as well.

New business setups in Sharjah and worldwide are now striving towards adjoining co-working spaces because these are not limited to freelancers anymore.

In this article, we will be exploring the following;

  1. Reasons why co-working is a great option.
  2. Why choose SPC Free Zone?

For a vast majority of startups today, finding a work environment that aligns well with their company’s growth takes time and effort.

Most spaces do not provide the level of flexibility that a startup with a small turnover would need. Often with investments and rents, a business person may only want to commit towards a two-year office lease if the workforce has begun growing. If there are a few months left for the opportunities to garner, then it is appropriate to opt for a co-working space.

The flexibility provided by co-working spaces is one of the core reasons why many startups today are opting for them. A co-working space offers startup space as they grow and expand in nature. In the early years, membership options ranging from dedicated explicitly to private offices were worthwhile.

As a business owner with two or three employees, one may want to begin using the hosting opportunity. Then, as the team grows, they can move towards a smaller office.

Another reason why co-working spaces are becoming exceptionally popular amongst startups is that these provide an alternative to the daily hassle of renting an office space. Business owners often find spending time and money on office managers and general maintenance a waste. These resources instead can be used viably to quadruple a business’s growth. A co-working space allows startups to manage their limited resources efficiently. They do so by managing the utility bills and facility management. As a result, startup business owners have the flexibility to focus solely on their business.

As a startup business owner, it makes ample sense that business owners would look for workspaces that can foster organic business connections. Co-working is one of the essential places of building a solid customer base.

A co-working space, as a result, encourages this form of growth. While sharing the same space for business, collaboration becomes exceptionally easy for business personnel from different walks of life. A viable example of networking includes a professional development workshop where individuals can discuss their business ideas over coffee.

Increased visibility is good for startups that focus heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. Startups can take the regular networking events hosted by co-working spaces in their strides. These allow them to expand their horizon for professional contacts and gain potential customers.

A co-working space provides access to a community full of successful entrepreneurs. As a startup founder, one can benefit exceptionally by connecting with other young successful business owners. Some co-working spaces foster this discussion through mentoring programs and regular workshops or meetings with industry leaders.

The most high-end co-working communities of the world tend to offer their members state-of-the-art amenities and services designed to help startups grow. The membership gained in a viable co-working community typically includes benefits like rooms for conference calls and meetings with potential clients.

Moreover, there are also several spaces for relaxation, like outdoor porches, pool tables and lounge chairs. Some co-working spaces also provide workplace supplies like Dry erase walls, power desks and other office furniture. To add zest to the availability of a co-working space, it is essential to note that these also provide amenities like free coffee and fruit along with basic appliances like a refrigerator and microwave.

Since all of a startup’s services will be bundled into a single monthly bill, the expenses will be streamlined significantly. The building management of a co-working space is responsible for maintaining all these features.

According to recent surveys, full-time workers struggle with work-life balance. Entrepreneurs, startup founders and innovators have been continuing to express concerns about not receiving enough sleep and finding time for their family and friends since there is an insurmountable demand to scale. A co-working space can mitigate work-life balance anxiety.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone is home to state-of-the-art co-working spaces that can be booked by business license holders. Complete with ergonomic furniture, high speed Wi-Fi and a coffee station, the SPC Free Zone co-working space is the place for new entrepreneurs to kick start their ventures at a minimal cost.

SPC Free Zone helps support businesses, including an opportunity to opt for a dual license for the mainland and the free zone. Moreover, businesses can maximize profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership. Each license includes up to 20 visas, too.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading license for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way.

SPC Free Zone is here to help with your business setup in the UAE!

In times of today, establishing a business is crucial for everyone around the globe. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the notion of having one’s own business has proven more reliable than any other corporate position. 

In the pursuit of establishing a business, one often encounters the step where one needs to set up their first office. However, that is an entirely different perspective since the offices get divided into headquarters and branches.

Note that the number of offices may increase depending on business expansion. 

Establishing your first office in the UAE requires completing some crucial steps. With the option of a furnished office for rent in Sharjah, you must know the prerequisites beforehand. 

Remember, having your first office is important because it is a vital step in gaining a trade license. If you are hoping to move forward with this notion, then read on, as, in this article, we will explore 5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE ; 

Finding the right office-5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE

In determining the setup process of your first office, it is essential to remember that location is the first factor you will need to consider. The business premise needs to be easy to locate and accessible by public or private transportation. 

Another crucial element of consideration is the size of the office. The office that one chooses to be the initial one in their business journey needs to have enough space for employees. It should allow both working and client entertaining spaces according to the nature of work. 

In determining the location of your first office in the UAE, remember that your employees will be spending eight hours, five days a week here; therefore, it should either have or be near essential amenities. 

Once the perfect space for an office with these elements has been decided upon, the next step would be to set it up. The first office of a business should be impressive and convenient for both clients and stakeholders alike. 

  1. Applying for a trade license 

Before deciding whether you want to rent a physical office or work out of a co-working space, you must have already begun the journey of obtaining a Trade License application. In order to occupy commercial real estate in the UAE, you will need to have a company name approved by the authorities. These, in turn, will be the ones issuing Trade licenses to your business. The full Trade License only gets approved once the lease of the property has been agreed upon.

  1. Location of your commercial property 

The location of your office or commercial lease property will depend on the trade license you plan to apply for. There exist two types of trade licenses in the UAE, a mainland trade license and a free zone trade license. Each of these has its dedicated trading zone. Before finalizing your property, it is important to research the zone limits. 

  1. Office fit out 

Before moving ahead with the research for your office, finding the fit-out that suits your needs is best. For commercial property, there exist four different fit-out options. These are shell and core, fitted, partitioned or fully furnished. As a business owner, if you already hold a vision in mind, then a shell and core may be an exciting project, but keep in mind that this option can be expensive in nature. If you want to begin your business as soon as viable, a fully furnished unit would be ideal. 

  1. Make an offer

Once a commercial property has been finalized, the next step would be to make an offer. You will need to provide your company’s trade license application documents and business owner ID to proceed with the process. You will need to put in an offer to your broker, and then the negotiation process with the landlord will begin. 

  1. Administration 

In order to seal the deal for a rented office, initial approval for a trade license and passport must be gained. Be sure to take ample time before signing the document. Read it thoroughly, including the fine text and if there are any questions, be sure to have it all cleared with your property broker. 

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone helps support businesses, including an opportunity to opt for a dual license for the mainland and the free zone. Moreover, businesses can maximize profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership. Each license includes up to 20 visas, too.

Additionally, SPC Free Zone offers shell & core, furnished, unfurnished as well as co-working spaces for rent. Special discounts on visas and licenses are offered to customers who choose to rent spaces within SPC Free Zone.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading license for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and 5 Steps to setting up your first office in the UAE they need to navigate their way. 

SPC Free Zone is here to help with your business setup in the UAE!

As the world economy transcends novel levels, countries have been modifying their rules and regulations. In order to facilitate talented and skilled workers, the UAE has introduced a 5-year Green residence visa. This visa type will allow for flexibility in the job market while fostering a high sense of stability amongst residents and families. 

The Green Visa is specifically designed for exceptional talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors. These individuals would not need a sponsor or employee through this visa type. 

If you are looking forward to obtaining a green visa in the UAE, then read on. In this article we talk about the following; 

Benefits of green visa

There are certain benefits associated with obtaining a green visa. These include;

Who is eligible for a green visa?

Those who meet the eligibility requirements for obtaining a green residence visa in the UAE include the following; 


Investors participating in or establishing commercial activities are eligible for a green residence visa. This visa type replaces its predecessor, valid for only two years.  


There are certain conditions that investors need to fulfil in order to be eligible for a green residence visa. These include; 

Skilled Labour

Another working class that is eligible for this visa type is skilled labourers. 



Freelancers worldwide have been gaining rapid momentum. The UAE welcomes freelancers and/or self-employed individuals. 


If the following conditions are met, a freelancer can apply for a green residence visa in the UAE. These include; 

Steps to apply for green residence visa

1 – Submit your documents

The first step in applying for a green residence visa is to submit your documents. These will vary depending on your current status. As a skilled labourer or investor, you may need to have a valid employment contract, proof of investment, educational certificate, approval from authorities and proof of commercial activity

2 – Follow up and submit new documents

Depending upon your green residence visa status, you may need to have a follow-up with the relevant authorities. Moreover, additional documents may be required. 

3 – Visa processing

Once the documents and visa application fees have been submitted, the visa will be issued soon. 

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone helps individuals obtain relevant business licences and visas for the free zone. With SPC Free Zone, you can also take advantage of up to 100 visa quotas and maximise profits with zero paid-up share capital, 0% corporate and personal income tax, and 100% foreign ownership.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce and general trading licence for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way. 

SPC Free Zone is here to help with your business setup in the UAE!

5 Common Business Mistakes to Avoid

Beginning the journey towards a business requires knowledge and diligence. With the right constituents, a successful business can be forged.

Despite the lucrative aspects of starting a business, oftentimes, entrepreneurs find impedance in their path because of the idea of failure. In order to avoid business losses, one can ensure that some common business mistakes are avoided.  

If you are an entrepreneur looking to establish your business in the UAE these are 5 Common Business Mistakes to Avoid, read on. 

In this article, we will talk about the following; 

5 Common Business Mistakes to Avoid before starting a business

  1. A Poorly- Articulated Business Idea

Businesses, whether they  are small, medium or multinational corporations, require innovative and convincing ideas. Whether you are thinking of setting up an import-export business in Sharjah or an LLC anywhere in the world, you will need a business plan. 

A business plan parallels the thought process one undertakes to define a company’s goals. In time, a business idea needs to be redefined, recalculated and solidified for excellent results before being put into practical action. This step is crucial because the insubstantiality of business ideas essentially jeopardises the basis of a business. 

Non-coherent ideas and a lack of clarity often lead to unorganised business processes. As a result, it is essential to remember that a business idea should clearly articulate the functionality of a business to potential investors and stakeholders. 

If one cannot articulate a business idea, it is best to consult with an expert. A business plan forms the foundation of a business, and an expert can help you create a comprehensive plan.

  1. A Faulty Business Plan

Without a perfectly curated business plan, establishing a business can prove challenging. A diminished planning structure and lack of critical factors while curating a business plan can exert challenging  effects on a business. 

For novice entrepreneurs, it is imperative to remember that a business plan is the first step of a long journey. An absence of planning can have a negative influence on office culture and even supply chains. 

The ideal option is to design it beforehand and make changes as the business continues to flourish. A robust business plan requires a well-curated management structure, vision and mission statement, standard processes and protocols. A business plan shapes the map of a business’s success, and one should design a complete checklist before beginning the design. 

  1. Poor Research

Proper research for the business consists of numerous factors that include the validity of the whole business idea, understanding and good knowledge of the target customers, applicable laws and required taxes. All these factors are essential to include in the research so that one can make intelligent decisions regarding their business.

The knowledge about a business industry should be comprehensive. The use of materials, cost, and calculation should be up to the mark and accurate. If one is aware of the ground costs, one will be able to price their end-products correctly. 

The result for business owners unaware of the costs will be a loss in profit, as pricing mistakes can negatively affect the business. This is why research is of critical importance.

  1. Poor Financial Planning

Good financial planning always draws a line of demarcation for entrepreneurs to continue their business or shut it down. The business budget should be their prime priority. Due consideration should be directed towards all possible expenditures, including taxes, labour costs and utilities.  

One should be completely ready for all kinds of expenses and especially those which are unexpected. In this regard, research plays an essential role as robust planning of finances and budgeting requires thorough knowledge of unprecedented events. 

In order to avoid mistakes in business, the budget must be planned for unforeseen expenses and confirmed projects. Entrepreneurs must stay away from guesswork and assumptions. 

  1. Absence of a versatile value proposition

A business should stand out among several competitors in the same industry. The only way to execute this is to develop a high-quality idea that outshines everything. This is called a versatile value proposition. 

In this regard, entrepreneurs need to consider “What makes their business different from others? What value are they bringing to the table?” The answers to these questions depend on factors such as product valuation, policy foundations, and company culture. Still, it should be something that will magnetise customers towards the business services. 

The value proposition should be well-communicated with the customers of a business. Customer awareness and input into the product play a pivotal role and are the primary reason the value proposition should be visibly convincing. A business website can provide one with great support in communicating with the audience, mainly if it is built on SEO.

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How to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur in the world of today is a remunerative opportunity. Acquiring skills that would be the stepping stone towards success is necessary. However, certain fears prove to be an impedance for entrepreneurs. 

In short, fear is the enemy of success, and creative entrepreneurs are often confronted with it while thinking about company formation in the UAE. If as a creative entrepreneur, you seek to effectively overcome these fears, then read on. In this article, we will discuss

Fears of creative Entrepreneurs

The three most common fears creative entrepreneurs face in their journey are as follows:

Financial Fear

I won’t be able to support myself.

Monetary funds are one of the most significant sources of anxiety in the world of creative entrepreneurs and as a result, deter individuals from achieving their goals. Understandably, one of the significant fears encountered by artists and anyone who is just getting started on their craft is that they will not be able to make enough to pay rent, bills, etc. 

Living paycheck to paycheck is the downside of the corporate world, and many find it a solace. 

Fear of Rejection

What if they don’t like my work?

Interestingly, the “they” in this particular thought process can be anyone. It could be the visitors to your art gallery, your client, or someone you are trying to pitch your project to. As creative entrepreneurs, one often faces the question, “What if it isn’t good enough?” This is a notion common to each human as everyone seeks approval for their work. Whether it is from clients, friends, or family, the work of a creative entrepreneur is incomplete without appreciation. Here are some tips for new entrepreneurs. 

Fear of selling out

How do I craft something every day?

The fear of selling out is the thought of being chained to produce something every day because it sells. Creative entrepreneurs often feel confused as to whether they should try to sell whatever it is they want to create or should they craft something that other people would like. Many creative entrepreneurs prefer to do the latter. As a result they often find themselves stuck in the loop of doing work for a paycheck. 

Strategies-How to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur

There are certain strategies that entrepreneurs can adopt to overcome some of the common fears discussed. These include; 

Write down your Fears

Amongst the pre-eminent ways of overcoming fear, the most pivotal is breaking it down by answering some questions in a journal or notebook. The best way to do so is through the following steps; 

Change your Mentality

Envisioning life without a reliable source of income is a perplexing thought process. However, for individuals who tend to move out of their way and face their fears, the doors to better prospects open quickly. 

In order to change your life, you will first have to change your perspective. Reset your vision towards realizing that you are not your “money.” Do not associate yourself with the income you earn. 

From an early age, we are told the importance of monetary funds. The notion that “money earns respect” is one of the stepping stones for most. However, now is the time to rethink your values. Remember monetary value does not define your worth. 

Reframe your Fears

Every morning – before checking your social media and emails, write down your long-term goals in a notebook. Include every possible outcome you aim to achieve. Remember, inspiration is what gets you started, but motivation is what keeps you going. The positive elements of life you decide to focus on early in the day will be the guiding foundation for your journey. These affirmations will motivate you to pursue your dream as they provide you with a “why” for every move you make. 

Stay consistent despite the Fear

Growth is uncomfortable, and becoming an entrepreneur is a long journey. There will be failures on the road to success, but there will be a guiding lesson in each. On days you feel you “can’t,” you will have to remind yourself that you “can.” 

Remember staying consistent is the key to long-term goals. The quantity of your efforts does not matter as long as you are taking even a step forward towards the destination you envision yourself. 

Overcoming the Fear of Selling out

Creative entrepreneurs often feel invisible shackles as they try to perform as per the standards others have set for them. In times like these, it is essential to remember one’s true values and how these can be fostered. Instead of focusing on “who” will buy the product, try and turn your focus towards crafting a product that aligns with your vision. 

How can SPC Free Zone help you to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur?

At SPC Free Zone, we understand the fears that creative entrepreneurs face in their journey. It can be extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to navigate their way while dealing with these fears. 

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6 reasons a company in the UAE

In the high paced world of today, developing a business is one of the top priorities for individuals who pursue change. Climbing the corporate ladder demands enthusiasm, which entrepreneurs demonstrate with good grace. 

Before establishment, a corporation has to be registered in the country it plans to function within. In this regard, the location where the business is registered plays a pivotal role. It is important to remember that the ease of regulations and performance standards depend on the rules and restrictions of a company’s home country. 

UAE ranks on top amongst the many tax-free countries  in the world, because of the competitive options it provides. With government-based incentives to attract foreign investments and options like the golden visa, foreigners and citizens prefer registering their companies in the UAE.

If you are planning to register your company, then read on as we explore 6 main reasons why company registration in the UAE is the best option. 

In this article, we will talk about the following

Business Structure in the the UAE-6-Reasons to start a company in the UAE

Free zones in  the UAE are  tax-free zones that many  entrepreneurs and investors choose as a place to establish their businesses. The potential benefit a  company can reap after being registered in one of the  UAE’s free zones is astounding. The two main types of business structures that a company in the UAE can adopt include:

Free zone company

This form of business structure is 100% owned by the person who has set it up. One would not need a sponsor or an agent to act as a liaison to manage the venture. 

Benefits of free zone company

If one decides to register their company in a  free zone in the UAE, they can enjoy the following benefits: 

Mainland Companies

A mainland company is simply an onshore entity that is registered with the relevant emirate’s government body. 

The fundamental feature of a mainland company is that there are no restrictions on its commercial activities.

6-Reasons to register a company in the UAE

There are many reasons why businesses prefer registration in the UAE. Some of the most common reasons are: 

  1. Tax-Free Zone 

Compared to many other countries in the world, the taxation laws of the UAE are lenient. With Sharjah emerging as competitive business centers of the world, they have become a magnet for startups and established companies alike.

The UAE government imposes income tax only if the incorporated company is in the foreign banking, oil, or gas industry. Otherwise, corporations of every kind are exempt from taxation in the UAE. Moreover, the free zone areas of the UAE offer lucrative opportunities for businesses. 

In tax-free zones, individuals can enjoy tax-free profits. To add zest to the opportunities, it is worth noting that the UAE has signed double taxation agreements with various countries to ensure that foreign entrepreneurs do not have to pay taxes to their country of origin. 

  1. Tax Residency 

If you register a company in the UAE, it provides you with an opportunity to take up residence as well. The UAE offers long-term visas for entrepreneurs, business owners  and their families that allows them to  stay in the UAE for up to 10 years. The UAE also offers tax residency that significantly reduces the overall tax burden , and provides  the chance of higher profits  increase by leaps and bounds. 

  1. Astounding Infrastructure 

The UAE, with emirates like Sharjah, takes pride in being the hub for astounding infrastructure. Businesses often thrive in regions where other businesses have successfully established their foundations, mainly because of  improved infrastructure, accessibility to talent, and ease of transportation. 

A well-developed city with firmly established infrastructure and economy allows companies to thrive in the market. The UAE is one of the most well-reputed countries and, as a result, serves as a great  option for business owners  from around the world . 

  1. Easy banking 

Businesses around the globe often prefer countries where the transaction is easy. The genuine boost of an organized bank system in a company’s home country is essential for growth. 

Moreover, a company’s success is mainly dependent upon the right form of credit, ease of banking, and accessibility to banks with a global presence. For companies, this notion is not a hassle since there are a multitude of international banks to choose from in the UAE. 

  1. Ownership 

Registering a company in the free zone of the UAE implies that foreign investors will have complete ownership of the company they have established. However, keep in mind that the majority of foreign investors who aim to develop a business on the UAE mainland will need the assistance of a local sponsor.

  1. No Capital requirement 

Amongst the various types of companies registered in the UAE, the free zone possibility is one of the most remunerative. A free zone company is ideal for those who are looking for a “tax relief-invoicing facility.” 

In order to set up a free zone company, there is no minimum capital required or a necessity for an actual office facility. 

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