Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE 2024 : Costs & Requirements

February 9, 2024

Around 5% of the population of the UAE are domestic workers – and demand is rising. According to recent research, the UAE spends around three billion dollars annually on domestic help. In Dubai and the UAE, hiring help is seen as a competitive advantage and many families live with at least one full-time maid, some with more. If you’re interested in hiring domestic help and obtaining a maid visa in the UAE, take a deep dive into our latest guide to explore up-to-date costs and requirements. In this article, we will explore the following topics:

  1. Benefits of hiring a maid in Dubai or the UAE
  2. New law by MoHRE
  3. Obligations of the employers towards domestic workers
  4. Obligations of the domestic worker
  5. What are the categories exempted from the regulation?
  6. What is the process of bringing the maid to Dubai, UAE?
  7. How can I renew a maid visa in Dubai, UAE?
  8. How can I cancel the maid visa in Dubai, UAE?
  9. How can you get a maid visa from SPC Free Zone?

Benefits of Hiring a Maid in Dubai or the UAE

For busy business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, time is everything. Many choose to hire help, often in the form of a nanny or maid. In the UAE, hiring a maid and other domestic help is commonplace for a number of reasons, such as:

  • More affordable option

While employers are required to pay domestic workers a minimum wage and most choose to pay more, hiring a maid in Dubai or the UAE is more affordable than most people assume. It’s much cheaper than hiring by the hour through an agency, too.

  • Trusting relationships

Hiring a live-in maid allows you and your family to build a trusting relationship, with many maids becoming an integral part of the household. It avoids disruption, too.

  • More time to focus on business

By delegating chores and cleaning to a maid, you can reserve your time and energy for building a business that thrives and spending time with family and friends.

  • Multi-skilled domestic help

Many maids and other domestic workers can cook, clean, and keep an eye on the children. This makes it a much more convenient and affordable alternative to hiring individual specialists by the hour. 

  • It creates jobs

Many individuals seeking employment as domestic help have families of their own to provide for. The demand for work is rising alongside the demand for help.

  • It is legal

This might seem like an obvious point, but many expats fail to realize that hiring a maid on a casual basis can land them in hot water. The Ministry of Labour fines individuals for employing workers that are not sponsored by you or workers paid on a cash-in-hand basis. By obtaining the maid visa yourself, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are employing help lawfully.

New law by MoHRE

Federal Decree-Law No. 9 of 2022 will came into force on December 15, 2022, and provides the rules on the hiring and employment of domestic workers in the UAE.

Under the new decree-law, a domestic worker in the UAE can only be hired if a license is first secured from the MoHRE.

Domestic workers must be over the age of 18, have the necessary medical examinations and have a formal employment contract.

Obligations of the employers towards domestic workers

As an employer, it is essential that you comply with the UAE’s rules and regulations regarding hiring a housemaid. Employers must abide by the terms of the employment contract, in addition to other obligations that include providing:

  • The facilities needed for the worker to perform his/her duties effectively
  • Appropriate accommodation
  • Meals and clothing
  • Timely payment of remuneration
  • Medical care or health insurance
  • Respect and safety
  • Compensation for work injuries and occupational diseases.

Obligations of the domestic worker

Domestic workers are required to follow the obligations outlined in employment contracts, in addition to the following:

  • Perform their duties under the supervision of the employer and in compliance with the provisions of the employment contract
  • Maintain a high standard of care and diligence while performing their duties
  • Refrain from absenteeism without a valid reason
  • Observe the customs and traditions of the UAE’s community
  • Comply with the employer’s instructions regarding the completion of the agreed work
  • Care for and maintain the items in their possession or dispose of them by following the necessary safekeeping procedures
  • Respect the privacy of the workplace
  • Keep work tools/items inside the workplace and in their designated locations at all times
  • Provide necessary aid and assistance in the event of disasters and hazards that threaten the workplace and its occupants.

What are the Categories Exempted from the Regulation?

According to UAE’s new domestic worker’s law, recruitment of maids and nannies is limited to licensed agencies. However, some residents are allowed to hire domestic help under their sponsorship, and these include those who hold Golden Visas. This category can sponsor an “unlimited number of domestic helpers”, including housemaids, cooks, nannies and babysitters, gardeners, family drivers, farm workers, private tutors, private nurses, personal trainers, personal assistants, and guards, among others.

What is the Process of Bringing the Maid to Dubai, UAE?

Step 1: Before you start the process of bringing a maid to the UAE, you need to make sure you’re eligible to sponsor a home worker.

Step 2: Decide the method of bringing your workers to the UAE. The process can be done through a specialized agency, or you can initiate it yourself through Tadbeer centers. The centers offer different packages, you can pick the one that suits you.

Step 3: Prepare the documents.

When it comes to applying for a maid visa, the process is very similar to applying for your own visa. For instance, you’ll need to ensure you have obtained an entry permit to allow them to enter the country. They will also need to undergo a medical examination within 30 days of entering the country to apply for an Emirates ID card. You will then need to submit a number of documents on his or her behalf, including:

  • The completed application form.
  • A copy of both the maid’s passport and the sponsor’s.
  • Sponsor’s residence visas.
  • Attested marriage certificate.
  • Original Emirates ID.
  • An affidavit from the embassy or consulate of non-relationship is provided in case the maid is from the same country.
  • Maid’s Medical Fitness Certificate issued in her country.
  • A bank statement from the past three months.
  • Proof of accommodation or a tenancy contract with a minimum of two bedrooms.
  • A salary certificate of sponsorship in Arabic for government employees or a labour contract for private employees.
  • A labour contract from the sponsor’s employer.
  • Three passport photos of the maid.

You should also note that all of these forms must be signed by an authorized typing centre before submission.

Step 4: Bring the maid to Dubai.

After finding the right candidate, you can start the process of sponsoring and bringing the worker to the UAE. This step includes several procedures:

  • Applying for the maid’s work permit.
  • Medical Fitness exam and Emirates ID registration.
  • Receiving the Domestic Worker Identity Card.

Step 5: Get the Emirates ID for the maid through any authorized typist or the official government portals.

How can I Renew a Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE?

To renew your maid’s visa, you need to submit a renewal application and an online medical request form. These forms can be obtained from an authorized typist and submitted to any GDRFA office near you after paying the required fees.

How can I Cancel the Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE?

The process of canceling the maid visa is simple and fast. You can seek the help of a typing center or process it yourself online through the GDRFA website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring a Maid in Dubai, UAE

Can I hire a maid on her own visa?

Domestic workers can only be hired through a licensed agency.

Can I hire a maid without an agency in Dubai?

It is possible to hire a maid without going through an agency, taking into consideration the laws and regulations of employing domestic workers in the UAE.

Can a single guy hire a maid?

No. Bachelors are not allowed to sponsor maids in Dubai, UAE.

What is the maximum age for maids?

Domestic workers who is more than 60 years old can keep working in the UAE if the workers meets the following standards:

  • The worker should be physically fit as per the medical certificate issued by the relevant government authorities in the UAE.
  • All medical expenses related to the worker’s treatments are to be borne by the family or the employer hiring the worker.
  • Approval must be obtained from the relevant government authority for the continuation of the maid’s work in the UAE.

How Can You Get a Maid Visa from SPC Free Zone?

SPC Free Zone is located right in the heart of Sharjah. We can help with the issuance of maid visas only if the sponsor has a business license and visa issued by SPC Free Zone. As well as helping you to navigate the process of obtaining a maid visa, we offer a fast and flexible business setup in the UAE. You can choose from more than 1,500 business activities and apply for 20 visas under one license. With immigration services on-site, you can get your license issued in 45 minutes.

SPC Free Zone offers several value-added support services, that include, among others, house help visas. We assist in obtaining new, renewing, or cancelling all categories of residence visas including drivers and domestic helpers.

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