Documents You Need Before Starting A Business In Sharjah

Documents for Starting a Business in Sharjah

When most people think of business opportunities in the UAE, they think of Dubai – but let’s reroute your point of view a little. 

Let us explore Sharjah and all it has to offer. The Emirate is flooding with business opportunities and has awakened the entrepreneur in many people.  Let us now explore the Documents you need before starting a business in Sharjah.

Turn your direction to the Northeast of Dubai, to the third largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates: the city of Sharjah. 

Why should Sharjah be your business’ priority?

Sharjah offers a whirlwind of opportunities to any prospective entrepreneurs. . The city is a closely knit network directly linked to the rest of the world through airports, seaports, and a coastline that stretches a mighty 128 KMs. It also enjoys a central location in the UAE, which makes it the center of growth and development. 

 Sharjah is home to Free Economic Zones such as  SPC Free Zone, which provide a platform to promote business and entrepreneurship. This means that you can benefit from business-friendly policies such as 100% foreign ownership and and cost-effective prices.

How SPC Free Zone can boost your business venture

While the opportunities Sharjah offers are endless and unparalleled, it may be overwhelming to start a business in a city you may not be familiar with enough. This is why SPC Free Zone can be your best choice for a new business setup, as it is an of its kind, dynamic, pro-growth-free zone. It is the fastest free zone, and an all-inclusive platform that makes business setup in Sharjah quick, easy and convenient.

Some of our key offerings include: 

  • Our prices are cost-effective and start from just AED 6,875
  • We issue a trade license in just 45 minutes
  • You can have UAE residency in 5 working days
  • You can choose from 2000+ business activities, and combine up to 5 different activities under one license
  • 10 years trade license option is available
  • Discounts are offered on multi-year license options
  • You have a dual license option (mainland and free zone)
  • There is zero paid-up capital
  • We offer corporate banking assistance
  • There is no NOC required from your sponsor
  • Immigration services are situated on-site at SPC Free Zone
  • You benefit from the ease of trade with our prime location, minutes away from main airports and seaports
  • We offer well-developed, modern infrastructure and facilities such as coworking spaces, offices, retail, storage, and warehouses

All Documents you need before starting a business in Sharjah

SPC Free Zone makes the business setup process easy and hassle-free. At the start of the process, we only require: 

  • A valid copy of your passport
  • A copy of your National ID or visa copy (if applicable)
  • Preferred company name 
  • Your contact details 

You can submit the required documentation online, or send it to our business setup advisors, after which we will complete the application for you. You will then receive your trade license within 45 minutes.

We offer unparalleled benefits and assist you throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth brief about the Documents you need before starting a business in Sharjah start to your business and life as an entrepreneur. Let us nurture your business potential and make your dreams a reality. Contact our business setup experts today at 800 SPCFZ (77239) or visit

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