How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Business In The UAE (Dubai and Sharjah)

Establishing a business in today’s world can either be tedious or the most seamless procedure possible. The outcomes vary depending on the location one chooses for company formation. Amongst the vast array of global options available, the UAE takes pride in being one of the most viable options. 

The local government has introduced incentives to encourage initiatives in the direction of investments and startups in various ways. The Emirates also allows for a comparatively easy registration process for foreigners. More so, the new policies in which businesses no longer need an Emirati partner have opened the gates to novel innovations. 

If you are currently planning to start a business in Sharjah, then we at SPC Free Zone can help make your decision feasible. The government of the UAE is now offering long-term visas for investments as well, thereby allowing the business potential of the UAE to bloom. 

While establishing a business in the UAE is a viable choice, keep in consideration that as a business owner, you will need a detailed record of everything concerning your company.

 Of course, the most integral part of it all would be to keep the accounting records up to date. This includes explicitly annual accounts, general ledgers, purchase day books, tax invoices, credit notes, debit notes and VAT ledgers. 

Together, all these documents should show the overall business transaction and offer a crucial financial overview of the company at all times. Moreover, the accounts should be kept at the company’s head office for at least five years. 

If you are in the pursuit of a company set up in the UAE, then read on; in this blog, we will explore, 

  • UAE business market 
  •  How long does it take to set up a business in the UAE (Dubai and Sharjah)
  • How can SPCFZ help? 

 UAE business market 

The business market of UAE has been blooming like no other. The total market capitalization value in Dubai alone is almost 535.7 billion Dirhams at the end of 2022, the second quarter. Moreover, the value of consumer staples and the discretionary industry in Dubai also rose by 177.8 percent in the time period between the first and second quarters of 2022. 

The UAE’s market potential lies most in consumer preference for online purchases due to the country’s high and growing internet usage. Online sales are currently in line to enable the market players to reach out to the most remote areas of the city without needing any physical presence. These are getting support from a range of distribution networks and logistics. 

How much time does it take to set up a business in Dubai and Sharjah?

In the Middle East, Dubai, UAE has the most lucrative operational environment. In order to begin a business endeavour in Dubai, one must have extensive knowledge of the local market.

Research into the demand and feasibility of products and services is one of the most critical factors in establishing a business. Establishing a business in Dubai, UAE takes almost 4 to 5 working days. 

This time period, too, depends on certain variables. In Sharjah, the company’s establishment is often achieved once the trade licence has been obtained in about 3-5 days for a free zone and ten days for the mainland. The allotted time to get a visa in the UAE is about two weeks. 

How can SPCFZ help?

SPC Free Zone is the fastest free zone that issues licences in 45 minutes and UAE Residency in 5 working days. We understand that being an owner-operator with vision is a challenging task. As a result, we offer business services directed towards long-term goals. 

At SPC Free Zone, we support business activities in Sharjah. From business planning to professional licence acquisition, SPC Free Zone assists entrepreneurs at every step. 

SPC Free Zone can assist you if you plan to start your business in Sharjah. We provide

entrepreneurs opportunities like obtaining dual licences for mainland and accessible zones. And also How long does it take to set up a business in the UAE (Dubai and Sharjah).

Our packages are highly cost-effective and start from AED 5,750. With our flexible business packages, entrepreneurs can explore various options associated with establishing a business in the UAE.

You can also take advantage of up to 100 visa quotas and maximise profits with zero paid-up share capital, and 100% foreign ownership.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce license and general trading license for all commercial activities. We aim to give business owners the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way. 

SPC Free Zone (Sharjah Free Zone) is here to help with your business setup in the UAE!

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  1. Mohamed Yunus says:

    I want to open a company consultancy Finance and Investment. Would like to know that in 45minutes as written in your website can we form a company and also can we open a bank account same day or next day. I need to know the charges and time taken

    1. SPC Free Zone says:

      Dear Mohamed,
      Thank you for your interest in SPC Free Zone.
      Kindly share with us your contact details through our website or in a DM and our team will contact you soon.

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