How to pick the ideal free zone for your business

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Many flock to the UAE because of the country’s business-first policies that make starting a business a lucrative opportunity. In addition to the easy setup process, the government has also provided entrepreneurs with various free zones that enable them with benefits relating to location, ownership, licensing, and so much more. Currently, there are over 50 free zones across the country, making the process of choosing one quite overwhelming. In this article, we delve deep into how you can narrow down your choice to find the perfect free zone for you and your business.

1. Select your business activity

Depending on the economic business activity of your choice, the number of free zones you can apply to will vary. Each free zone has its own governing body that lists out permissible business activities you can select from to conduct your business. There are also restrictions on the number of business activities you can conduct under a single license that vary from one entity to the other. SPC Free Zone allows businesses within the free zone to combine up to 5 activities from different categories under various sectors.

2. Choice of facility and location

Depending on the type of activity you choose to conduct business in, the type of facility suited for your venture will vary. Free zones provide a variety of options regarding workspace facilities, depending on what suits your needs best. At SPC Free Zone, there are options ranging from co-working spaces and offices, to warehouses, retail spaces to shell and core, storage and much more. Depending on the type of business you engage in, your location of choice will also vary. Free zones are spread across the country, with locations near seaports, airports and other business-friendly areass. SPC Free Zone is located near both Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport, making the free zone an ideal space for economic activities to thrive.

3. Licensing requirements

As you may know, businesses require a valid license to be able to conduct business activities legally and begin the company formation process in the UAE. This aspect is directly affected by the type of business you engage in, and free zone company setups are not an exception to this rule. Many free zones provide various types of free zone licenses including service licenses, production licenses, commercial licenses, and many more. Companies set up in SPC Free Zone can enjoy the benefits of choosing from over 1,500 licensing options from commercial sectors, professional sectors, trading sectors, and e-commerce sectors.

4. Limitations on the number of visas

When running a business, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to have the needed talent to run their venture successfully. Generally, hiring employees means providing work visa status to these employees to be able to let them work in the country. Free zones have varying limits on how many visas can be issued under a free zone trade license. SPC Free Zone can provide up to 20 visas under one trade license.

5. Share capital requirements

Depositing a specified amount as share capital is one of the requirements involved in starting a business. Free zones have different requirements regarding paid-up capital. SPC Free Zone in particular offers zero paid-up share capital along with support in setting up the needed aid required to create a corporate bank account.

Setting up your dream business in a free zone can be an easy process if you know exactly what to do. Contact our experts at SPC Free Zone (800 SPC FZ) for a consultation on the best options for you and your business today.


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