How To Start A Successful Photography Business In UAE

Photography Business in UAE

The UAE is one of the most dominant and sought-after locations for travelers and photographers alike,with its aesthetic locations and modern infrastructure. A photography business in the UAE can thrive and grow for entrepreneurs who are expert photographers will find that a photography business in the UAE has a lot of potential to grow and thrive. If you are wondering how to start a successful photography business in the UAE, we have put together a guide for those just starting out.

Understand the field

Establishing a successful photography business in the UAE requires passion for the field, as well as expertise and experience along with technical knowledge about hardware and software. Prior to establishing a photography business, it is important to understand a few details. For example, it is important to remember that while some work for photography can be completed in-house such as  portraits and photos for official documentation, live shoots require traveling to  onsite locations. One should budget accordingly keeping this in mind. Professional-grade equipment and editing time will also influence the turnover of the business. 


Before establishing your business in the UAE, it is important that you take note of the location. As an entrepreneur in the photography field, you will need to define a targeted audience,  and then decide the location of your office centrally. In this manner, you can provide timely services to your clients and respond to potential clients’ queries

Permissions and Laws

In the UAE, taking photos of people can be a sensitive matter. . Photos of women and families in public places are forbidden. 

Before establishing a successful photography business, you will need to obtain permission from relevant authorities to do so. For example, before beginning work on a commercial campaign, permissions (written or verbal) will need to be obtained from management of the specific location.

Moreover, it is a point to be noted  that photographers in the UAE do not hold the discretion of sharing photos without consent and informing the client(s).

To establish a successful business in the UAE, you will need to focus on all these aspects that would influence your business performance in the long run. SPC Free Zone can help you design a plan for your photography business. You can manage all the required legal documentation and licenses singularly with the help of SPC Free Zone. The documentation you will need depends on the business you plan to establish. Suppose you are looking to set up a studio for family or personal portraits. In that case, a physical office space with staff members will be mandatory. Documentation needs that you may encounter include lease agreement, share certificate, certificate of formation and business activity certificate to name a few. 

Craft your identity in the market 

One of the first steps in establishing a photography business in the UAE is to craft your identity. Today’s world is full of places and spaces where you can promote your photography skills. One of the best ways to grab attention includes creating a portfolio which has relevant and interesting content  that would garner the attention of your targeted audience. 

Once a portfolio has been created, you can set up your online presence. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are viable options. Moreover, you should also consider starting your own website with a detailed section of information regarding your business.  

While crafting your identity, it is important to remember that you would need a niche for yourself. You will need to make a note of the services that have been missing in the market and how you can ensure better provision. Once the intricacies of the business have been defined, it will be a seamless task to market your skills. There are multiple benefits of starting a business in UAE you can also avail yourself of it by enhancing your skill.

License and Legalities Before Starting a Photography Business in the UAE

The most cost-effective way of starting a photography business and obtaining your license is through a Free Zone, such as SPC Free Zone. We aim to provide all entrepreneurs with a supportive platform in order to seamlessly establish their business without the hassle of extensive paperwork and other formalities. Your new photography business can be set up in just 45 minutes. We can also provide UAE residency in just 5 working days with your new business setup, depending on your requirements. Let us turn your passion into a lucrative business venture for you. 

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