How to Start an Interior Design Engineering Consultancy in the UAE?

Interior Design Engineering services merge the principles of interior design with engineering expertise to create functional and visually appealing indoor spaces. Professionals collaborate with architects and clients to optimize layouts, lighting, and acoustics, considering structural integrity, safety regulations, and sustainability. Services encompass spatial planning, material selection, HVAC system integration, and electrical and plumbing coordination. Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, these services transform interior environments, whether residential, commercial, or institutional, enhancing usability, comfort, and aesthetics while ensuring adherence to technical specifications and regulatory standards.

The business activity that falls under construction services is:

7110.25 Interior Design Engineering Consultancy

Interior Design Engineering Consultancy services provide expertise in optimizing interior spaces for functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Professionals offer design solutions integrating structural considerations, building codes, and client requirements. Services may include spatial planning, material selection, lighting design, HVAC integration, and project management, ensuring efficient and aesthetically pleasing interior environments.

Other requirements:

  • Third-party approval: This business activity doesn’t require any third-party approval before acquiring the business license.
  • Filing of Economic Substance Return: This business activity is exempt from this requirement.
  • Anti-money laundering compliance: This business activity is exempt from this requirement.

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