SPC Free Zone Revolutionizes Business Setup in the UAE with the Instant License Service

instant license service

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, time is of the essence. Understanding the crucial need for expediency in establishing your venture, SPC Free Zone unveils a groundbreaking solution: the Instant License. This innovative service is tailored to expedite the business setup process in the UAE, ensuring that your entrepreneurial dreams become a reality in the shortest possible time.

The Instant License isn’t just about speed; it’s a comprehensive package designed to streamline the entire setup journey.

Here’s what this game-changing service offers:

Quick and Efficient Setup

The most remarkable feature of this offering is the instant business license issuance, which saves applicants much waiting and the endurance of bureaucratic procedures. With the Instant License, your business is swiftly brought to life, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—nurturing and growing your enterprise.

Comprehensive Coverage

The package isn’t just about speed; it’s about comprehension. It covers up to 5 activities, combining diverse business interests under a single license. Additionally, it accommodates up to 7 shareholders, providing flexibility for collaborative ventures.

Visa Quotes and Essential Documents

Understanding the importance of seamless operations, the Instant License service offers unlimited visa quotes, making employee immigration procedures a breeze. Moreover, crucial documents like the Memorandum of Association, Lease Agreement, Share Certificate, Certificate of Formation, and Business Activity Certificate are included.

Empowering Entrepreneurship

This service is a catalyst for entrepreneurial empowerment. By simplifying the setup process, SPC Free Zone aims to encourage and support aspiring business owners, enabling them to materialize their visions without unnecessary delays.

Set up a company in UAE with SPC Free Zone

With its unique location, business-friendly regulatory environment, and immigration services available within its premises, SPC Free Zone provides the fastest and most hassle-free business setup services you can imagine. Enjoy the great benefits of setting up a business in UAE free zones, like 100% ownership of your business as a foreigner, import and export, and corporate tax incentives.

Moreover, the free zone provides a wide range of world-class infrastructure and storage spaces, as well as print-on-demand services.  

SPC Free Zone provides more than 2000+ business activities with the ability to combine up to 5 activities under one trade license.

Enjoy special discounts on multi-year packages and a unique chance to work from both the mainland and the free zone with the option of dual licensing.

Do you want to know more about business setup in Dubai, UAE, or interested in business setup in Sharjah? Contact our team of business setup experts today.

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