Steps To Get A Green Visa In The UAE

As the world economy transcends novel levels, countries have been modifying their rules and regulations. In order to facilitate talented and skilled workers, the UAE has introduced a 5-year Green residence visa. This visa type will allow for flexibility in the job market while fostering a high sense of stability amongst residents and families. 

The Green Visa is specifically designed for exceptional talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors. These individuals would not need a sponsor or employee through this visa type. 

If you are looking forward to obtaining a green visa in the UAE, then read on. In this article we talk about the following; 

  • Benefits of green visa.
  • Costs of obtaining green visa. 
  • Steps to obtain green visa. 
  • Why choose SPC Free Zone? 
Green Visa in the UAE 2023

Benefits of green visa

There are certain benefits associated with obtaining a green visa. These include;

  • Obtaining residency permits for family members that include spouse, children and first-degree relatives 
  • Ability to sponsor male children up to the age of 25 years with no limitation for unmarried daughters 
  • Children of determination (special needs) will be issued residence visas regardless of their age. 
  • Once the residence permit is cancelled or expired, there is a six-month grace period to stay in the UAE. 

Who is eligible for a green visa?

Those who meet the eligibility requirements for obtaining a green residence visa in the UAE include the following; 


Investors participating in or establishing commercial activities are eligible for a green residence visa. This visa type replaces its predecessor, valid for only two years.  


There are certain conditions that investors need to fulfil in order to be eligible for a green residence visa. These include; 

  • Obtaining a valid license from any EDDs or FZs
  • Have an investment of no less than 1 million 
  • Approval of investment or proof of investment 
  • Approval of local authorities in the area. 

Skilled Labour

Another working class that is eligible for this visa type is skilled labourers. 


  • To be eligible for this visa type, skilled labour must meet the following requirements. 
  • Fall under-skilled labour category in levels 1,2 or 3.
  • Have a minimum bachelor’s degree.
  • Monthly salary should not be less than 15K.
  • Obtain a valid employment contract.


Freelancers worldwide have been gaining rapid momentum. The UAE welcomes freelancers and/or self-employed individuals. 


If the following conditions are met, a freelancer can apply for a green residence visa in the UAE. These include; 

  • Have a work permit from the relevant authorities
  • A minimum bachelor’s degree 
  • An annual income from freelance work that is not less than 360K in the previous two years

Steps to apply for green residence visa

1 – Submit your documents

The first step in applying for a green residence visa is to submit your documents. These will vary depending on your current status. As a skilled labourer or investor, you may need to have a valid employment contract, proof of investment, educational certificate, approval from authorities and proof of commercial activity

2 – Follow up and submit new documents

Depending upon your green residence visa status, you may need to have a follow-up with the relevant authorities. Moreover, additional documents may be required. 

3 – Visa processing

Once the documents and visa application fees have been submitted, the visa will be issued soon. 

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