Business License In Sharjah: Costs & Requirements

June 7, 2022
business license in sharjah

When most people think of business in the UAE, they think of Dubai. However, it is far from all that the UAE has to offer.

Bordering Dubai is the emirate of Sharjah, offering lots of the same benefits along with its own unique culture and customs. In this article, I’ll explore the many great reasons to get a business license in Sharjah including:

  • The steps to get a business license in Sharjah
  • How much it costs to start a business in Sharjah
  • The types of business licenses in Sharjah
  • The benefits of starting a business in Sharjah

Steps to Get a Business License in Sharjah

Get Business License in Sharjah

To get business licenses in Sharjah, you need to carry out the following three-step process.

Step 1: Submit documents and the application and receive the trade license in two hours

When in SPC Free Zone, you can submit your documents online and receive your trade license in just two hours.

You will need to submit your completed application form, including details of your chosen trade name. It helps to choose several potential company names in order of preference in case your first option has already been registered by another business. SPC Free Zone can help you with this step.

On top of this, you will be asked to upload some or all of the following documents:

  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy National ID (if applicable)
  • No objection certificate (if required)

Step 2: Register for e-channel and receive an immigration card

With the first important step to get business licenses in Sharjah out of the way, you can now register for e-channel services and apply for your immigration card.

Step 3: Visa processing

With your immigration card in hand, you can now apply for an entry permit. This allows you to stay in the UAE for up to 60 days. You are free to leave and return during this period but it is advised against it as it can cause issues with your immigration file.

Another part of the visa process is medical. This involves biometric scanning, a chest x-ray, and a blood test. At this stage, you can also apply for your Emirates ID which allows you to access vital services in the country.

How Much Does it Cost to Acquire Business Licenses in Sharjah?

Starting a business in Sharjah can cost anywhere between AED 5,000 and AED 30,000+ depending on your requirements. Many factors will play a part in the total cost, from the type of facilities you require to how many employees you have.

To get an accurate and bespoke quotation, get in touch with SPC Free Zone.

Types of Business Licenses in Sharjah

The three types of business licenses in Sharjah are commercial, industrial, and professional. Each license allows the holder to carry out business activities with an umbrella of related industries.

As you might expect, the professional license covers professional services, the commercial license covers trading and other commercial activity, and the industrial license covers manufacturing and other industrial activities.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Sharjah

Sharjah offers entrepreneurs many incredible benefits. Just minutes from Dubai, it offers direct links by land, sea and air with every corner of the globe. Whether trading internally in the UAE or further afield in Africa, Asia and Europe, Sharjah makes for a great base.

Its international airport flies direct to the Middle East, Asia and Europe, while its ports on both the Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf are a dream for cargo and import/export businesses. Such is the emirate’s incredible infrastructure that it is dubbed the industrial hub of the UAE.

A fast-growing emirate – its population has almost doubled in the last ten years – Sharjah offers incredible opportunities to business owners, such as low-cost labour and licensing. Of course, the emirate also offers all of the incredible advantages of working in the UAE. These include an open and welcoming business environment. VAT remains low at a flat 5%.

When you set up anywhere in the UAE, you’ll also benefit from the nation’s fast, affordable and time-tested company formation and immigration processes.

Why get an SPC Free Zone license when looking for business licenses in Sharjah?

SPC Free Zone makes business setup in the UAE easy. Start up here and you can receive your trade license in under 45 minutes. You can also choose from over 1,500 business activities and apply for up to 20 visas under a single trade license.

The free zone offers 100% foreign ownership in all cases, zero paid-up share capital, on-site immigration services, and dual mainland and free zone license options – all conveniently located right in the heart of Sharjah.

Want to know more? Get in touch on 800 SPCFZ (77239) or 00971 800 SPCFZ (77239).

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