Top 5 Profitable Businesses in Dubai

By Afreen Razak Razak AccessTimeIcon

Starting a business in Dubai is a dream for people not only in the UAE, but around the world. This is clearly because Dubai is considered to be the commercial capital of the country while holding a crucial geographical position in the world, while being investor and entrepreneur friendly.

Choosing the business you want to start is the first step in your company formation. If you’d like to start a business but can’t quite put a finger on what you’d like to start, here are a few of the most lucrative industries that’ll help you choose your potential venture.

1. E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is booming now more than ever. With the industry estimated to reach the AED 100 billion in sales by 2022, the pandemic driven rise is currently being seen as a profitable opportunity to capitalize on. Since 2020, many consumers have adjusted themselves to online shopping, which is not only more convenient but cost competitive as well, providing discounts many traditional brick-and-mortar stores cannot provide. Setting up an e-commerce store and business is far easier, cheaper and quicker than setting up a traditional store. 

2. Travel and Tourism

Dubai has always heavily focused on its tourism industry and with reason too. With measures being taken to encourage tourism to the country, the associated tourism industry is expected to rise with many tourists marking Dubai as a go to for relaxing, safe, fun filled, and aesthetic destination.

More and more people are looking to invest in experiences and it’s the perfect time to build unique experiences in this multi-cultural melting pot of a city that would not only attract tourists but locals as well.

3. Consultancy Services

Are you an industry expert with plenty of experience and want to go out on your own? Become a consultant! There are several small to large businesses that are constantly on the lookout for able consultants who can help them grow, be more efficient and profitable. Thanks to the pandemic, consultancy like all other services has gone fully digital so you can work with clients from anywhere and all across the world.

4. Education

There are well over 280,000 students currently enrolled in schools in Dubai alone, with the numbers expected to only go up. With such a large market, the education industry is worth a shot – especially if you’re interested in teaching or working with children.

5. Food Businesses

Dubai is well known to be a cultural hub filled with expats from all over the world. Starting a food business like a restaurant or a food truck is likely to thrive because of how common and popular it is to simply place an order online. Business setups in Dubai under this industry require low initial investments and high growth due to its constant need and returning customers especially with small scale restaurants or ghost kitchens that specialize in online deliveries.

Starting a business can be daunting at first but taking the appropriate steps in choosing the industry you would like to work in is a step towards financial independence and is a sign that the entrepreneurial spirit is in you. SPC Dubai Free Zone provides various services that can help you setup your business and start operations smoothly.


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