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June 29, 2022
HR consultant in Dubai

Human resources are one of the world’s leading professions. According to recent research, the market for human resource consulting services is worth around $31 billion, accounting for roughly 10% of the total global consulting market. In the UAE, business for HR consultants is booming. Thousands of HR professionals are now capitalizing on the opportunities offered by Dubai’s diverse and fast-growing economy to build their own businesses.

To get up and running as an HR consultant in Dubai, you will need to obtain an HR consultancy license. In this guide, we will explore the benefits, opportunities, and costs of obtaining an HR consultancy license. We will discuss the following areas:

  • Becoming an HR consultant in Dubai or the UAE – market opportunity
  • Steps to obtaining an HR consultancy license in the UAE
  • Cost of an HR consultancy license in the UAE
  • How to market and grow your HR consultancy business
  • Why choose SPC Free Zone?

Becoming an HR consultant in Dubai or the UAE – market opportunity

HR consulting services don’t just cover recruitment. In the UAE, HR consultancies encompass major disciplines including human capital management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, organizational change, traditional HR functions, analytics, and more. It is a diverse field and there are significant benefits for those who have the required qualifications, knowledge, and experience in the UAE, including:

Increasing demand for human resources services in the UAE:

As the startup scene in Dubai accelerates, these new businesses are increasingly looking to outsource their HR operations. That’s a lot of business opportunities to tap into for industry experts just like you.

100% foreign ownership of your HR consultancy business:

If you set up in one of the UAE’s free zones, you can maximize your profits with 100% ownership of your business and 100% repatriation of profits earned and capital invested.

Business-friendly tax incentives:

While legislation is changing in 2023 for mainland businesses, HR consultants set up in select free zones can still benefit from zero personal income tax.

High levels of digital connectivity:

Dubai is one of the most digitally-connected locations in the world. It also boasts first-rate digital infrastructure when it comes to the internet, telecommunications and IT.

Steps to obtaining an HR consultancy license in the UAE

For those unfamiliar with UAE law, getting hold of an HR consultancy license can be a daunting task. To help make it as straightforward as possible, we’ve broken the process down into three simple steps. There’s no need to go it alone, though: our market-leading experts have helped countless other HR consultants to obtain their licenses in the past few years.

Step 1: Registering the company

As with any business, you’ll need to choose a name for your HR consultancy. To avoid any unnecessary holdups, make sure it adheres to the UAE’s naming conventions. This means that you must avoid choosing anything that might be considered blasphemous or offensive. You should also make sure that the business name hasn’t been registered elsewhere.

Then, you’ll need to choose your business activity from a list of over 1,500 options. Submit your initial approval form and, if everything goes to plan, you can receive your HR consultancy license from SPC Free Zone in less than two hours.

Step 2: Applying for e-channel services

The next step requires you to sign up for e-channel services. While it might seem like a hassle at the time, this quick signup service speeds up the application process significantly. You will no longer need to fill out unwieldy documents since the portal eliminates all unnecessary paperwork. Once you’ve applied for the service, you can apply for an entry permit which is valid for up to 60 days.

Step 3: Activating your status change and registering for Emirates ID

Finally, you can activate your status change. You can do this in-country, or by exiting and re-entering the UAE, depending on your nationality. You will also need to apply for your Emirates ID card. This is a mandatory requirement for all expatriates living in the UAE. To qualify for the identity card, you will need to undergo a series of medical tests.

Cost of an HR consultancy license in the UAE

The cost of obtaining an HR consultancy license in the UAE varies depending on the free zone. SPC Free Zone offers some of the region’s most affordable business setup packages, with HR consultancy licenses available from AED 6,875.

However, do keep in mind that there are other costs to consider when applying for your HR consultancy license. For instance, will you need office space? If so, this will require an additional fee. You’ll also need to pay more for additional visa allowances, residence visas, and your Emirates ID card. For an accurate and bespoke quote tailored to your specific business requirements, reach out to the SPC Free Zone team today.

How to market and grow your HR consultancy business

Like any business, growing an HR consultancy requires a carefully-considered marketing strategy. For most HR consultants, social media plays an important role in boosting business. Consider it a fool-proof tool to shout about your services. You can use LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram to connect with your target audience, educate them on your offering and keep reminding them of your business with relevant, timely updates.

You should also think carefully about content production. By producing high-quality articles and blogs regularly, you can boost your SEO ranking while cultivating a brand identity as a market expert.

Face-to-face networking is a must for any business. Home to a huge expatriate community and a well-connected ecosystem of entrepreneurs, Dubai is built for creating connections with potential leads and clients. There are also thousands of networking opportunities, trade shows and industry-specific events throughout the year which could provide a platform for promoting your business.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

At SPC Free Zone, we offer fast and flexible business setup in the UAE. Our centrally located offices are situated right in the heart of Sharjah, with easy access to Dubai International Airport. Our offices offer immigration services on-site, which means that you can receive your HR consultancy license in as little as two hours.

As well as a quick business setup in the UAE, SPC Free Zone offers a whole host of benefits for entrepreneurs. You can choose from over 1,500 business activities, get up to 20 visas under one trade license and enjoy competitive benefits such as 100% foreign ownership with zero paid-up capital. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your business with a dual-license option that offers both mainland and free zone on the same license too.

Are you ready to set up your HR consultancy in the UAE? Reach out to our friendly advisors who can help you navigate each step of the process as quickly and easily as possible.

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