How To Overcome Fear As A Creative Entrepreneur

November 1, 2022
How to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur in the world of today is a remunerative opportunity. Acquiring skills that would be the stepping stone toward success is necessary. However, certain fears prove to be an impedance for entrepreneurs. 

In short, fear is the enemy of success, and creative entrepreneurs are often confronted with it while thinking about company formation in the UAE. If as a creative entrepreneur, you seek to effectively overcome these fears, then read on. In this article, we will discuss

  • Fears of creative entrepreneurs.
  • Strategies for How to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur.
  • How can SPC Free Zone help?

Fears of Creative Entrepreneurs

The three most common fears creative entrepreneurs face in their journey are as follows:

Financial Fear

I won’t be able to support myself.

Monetary funds are one of the most significant sources of anxiety in the world of creative entrepreneurs and as a result, deter individuals from achieving their goals. Understandably, one of the significant fears encountered by artists and anyone who is just getting started on their craft is that they will not be able to make enough to pay rent, bills, etc. 

Living paycheck to paycheck is the downside of the corporate world, and many find it a solace. 

Fear of Rejection

What if they don’t like my work?

Interestingly, the “they” in this particular thought process can be anyone. It could be the visitors to your art gallery, your client, or someone you are trying to pitch your project to. As creative entrepreneurs, one often faces the question, “What if it isn’t good enough?” This is a notion common to each human as everyone seeks approval for their work. Whether it is from clients, friends, or family, the work of a creative entrepreneur is incomplete without appreciation. Here are some tips for new entrepreneurs

Fear of selling out

How do I craft something every day?

The fear of selling out is the thought of being chained to produce something every day because it sells. Creative entrepreneurs often feel confused as to whether they should try to sell whatever it is they want to create or should they craft something that other people would like. Many creative entrepreneurs prefer to do the latter. As a result they often find themselves stuck in the loop of doing work for a paycheck. 

Strategies-How to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur

There are certain strategies that entrepreneurs can adopt to overcome some of the common fears discussed. These include; 

Write down your Fears

Amongst the pre-eminent ways of overcoming fear, the most pivotal is breaking it down by answering some questions in a journal or notebook. The best way to do so is through the following steps; 

  • Write down your goals 
  • Pen down what scares you about this goal 
  • Vividly describe every fear in detail 
  • What excuses are holding you back?
  • Brainstorm answers: Ask yourself about the worst outcome that can happen and then rate each consequence on a Likert scale of 1 to 10, with 1 having a zero effect to 10 having the maximum impact on your life. 
  • Go through every scenario you wrote and ask yourself what you would do if this happened. How can you positively turn things around? 
  • Write down the ramifications of not trying to reach the goal you have set.
  • Finally, write down every possible element that would align in your favor if you took a leap to pursue your dream. 

Change your Mentality

Envisioning life without a reliable source of income is a perplexing thought process. However, for individuals who tend to move out of their way and face their fears, the doors to better prospects open quickly. 

In order to change your life, you will first have to change your perspective. Reset your vision towards realizing that you are not your “money.” Do not associate yourself with the income you earn. 

From an early age, we are told the importance of monetary funds. The notion that “money earns respect” is one of the stepping stones for most. However, now is the time to rethink your values. Remember monetary value does not define your worth. 

Reframe your Fears

Every morning – before checking your social media and emails, write down your long-term goals in a notebook. Include every possible outcome you aim to achieve. Remember, inspiration is what gets you started, but motivation is what keeps you going. The positive elements of life you decide to focus on early in the day will be the guiding foundation for your journey. These affirmations will motivate you to pursue your dream as they provide you with a “why” for every move you make. 

Stay consistent despite the Fear

Growth is uncomfortable, and becoming an entrepreneur is a long journey. There will be failures on the road to success, but there will be a guiding lesson in each. On days you feel you “can’t,” you will have to remind yourself that you “can.” 

Remember staying consistent is the key to long-term goals. The quantity of your efforts does not matter as long as you are taking even a step forward towards the destination you envision yourself. 

Overcoming the Fear of Selling out

Creative entrepreneurs often feel invisible shackles as they try to perform as per the standards others have set for them. In times like these, it is essential to remember one’s true values and how these can be fostered. Instead of focusing on “who” will buy the product, try and turn your focus towards crafting a product that aligns with your vision. 

How can SPC Free Zone help you to overcome fear as a creative entrepreneur?

At SPC Free Zone, we understand the fears that creative entrepreneurs face in their journey. It can be extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to navigate their way while dealing with these fears. 

To help navigate the overwhelming thoughts, SPC Free Zone provides business support services, including 100% free ownership with zero paid-up capital to help individuals grow and become economically contributing entities.

SPC Free Zone also provides an e-commerce license and general trading license for all commercial activities. Our aim is to provide creative entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way. 

Contact SPC Free Zone (Sharjah Free Zone) for help with your business setup in the UAE today!

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