How To Start A Facilities Management Company In The UAE

August 26, 2022
Facilities Management Company in the UAE

The UAE is an excellent choice if you are considering starting a facilities management company. With its large and rapidly growing market, ample opportunities for growth and favourable business environment, the UAE is the perfect place to start your business.

However, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get your business up and running, the licensing requirements and the costs involved.

We will cover the following topics:

  • What does a facilities management company do?
  • Advantages of starting a facilities management company in the UAE
  • Steps to start a facilities management company in the UAE
  • Documents required to start a facilities management company 
  • Cost of starting a facilities management company
  • Why choose SPC Free Zone?

What does a facilities management company do?

A facilities management company provides a wide range of services that help to keep buildings and grounds in good condition. These companies are responsible for maintaining the facilities themselves and coordinating the work of contractors who provide additional services. Facilities management includes everything from managing office buildings to maintaining hospitals.

In addition to keeping the facilities clean and safe, facilities management companies must also ensure that the building remains safe, secure, and comfortable for tenants. They must also keep up with changing regulations and standards regarding health care, fire prevention, and environmental protection.

Facilities management services are useful for companies of all sizes. Whether the client is a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, having a specialised team manage the property can increase productivity and decrease costs.

Advantages of starting a facilities management company in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a rapidly growing market for facilities management services. With its large and rapidly expanding population, there is a growing demand for facilities that meet the highest quality and safety standards. These are some of the many benefits of starting a facilities management company in the UAE:

  1. The UAE has a highly developed infrastructure, which makes it easy to set up and operate a facilities management company.
  2. The country offers a stable and business-friendly environment, which is crucial for any business’s success.
  3. The UAE has a favourable tax regime and offers ample opportunities for business development.
  4. As mentioned earlier, the UAE’s growing economy presents opportunities for facilities management companies to expand their operations. The tourism and business industries are experiencing particularly strong growth, driven by demand from both the public and private sectors. This provides an ideal environment for facilities management companies to grow and flourish.
  5. A facilities management company in the UAE also benefits from a skilled workforce. The UAE has a large pool of talented and experienced professionals who can support all aspects of facilities management. In addition, the labour cost in the UAE is relatively low compared to other countries. 

Steps to start a facilities management company in the UAE

The company formation process in the UAE can be tricky, but by following these simple step-by-step instructions and with a little help from us, it will become much easier. So, below are five basic steps to take when forming your own business:

Step 1: Choose your company’s name

The trade name is a critical component of the legal process. You must choose an appropriate and professional-sounding one and comply with UAE’s strict naming conventions (no harmful or disrespectful language).

Step 2: Decide the jurisdiction

The United Arab Emirates has three economic zones – Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. Each jurisdiction offers its own business-related laws to cater to various company requirements – your company’s specific needs will determine which one is right for you.

Step 3: Legal structure

You can choose from several legal structures for your business in the UAE. The legal structure of your business greatly impacts how you operate, what taxes to pay and how to organise your resources and assets. Before applying for the licence, you must determine which type best suits your needs.

Step 4: Documentation Submission to the DED

Once you have settled on a company name, an undertaking and a location, complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to DED for endorsement. The DED is responsible for issuing the required licences and permits for establishing a business in the country. The licencing of a company and its formation occur simultaneously. 

Step 5: Obtain Licenses

Once the DED has approved your business activities, you will get the Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and other documents. After approval, you can apply for additional documents such as visas, leases and work permits.

Documents required to start a facilities management company

When applying to the DED, whether through a business formation agent or on your own, you will need to provide the following information and paperwork:

  • Copy of the investor’s passport
  • Copy of the local sponsor’s passport (if required)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) if any shareholder is working in a UAE company
  • Copy of Emirates ID of the shareholder(s)
  • DED registration application form
  • An attested Memorandum of Association from a public notary
  • A certified tenancy contract for the office premises (if any)

During the procedure, you may be asked to provide additional paperwork. Working closely with a company formation agent can be beneficial because they will know exactly what information you need at each process step.

Cost of starting a facilities management company

So, how much does it cost to register a company in UAE? Not as costly as you might think.

The cost of registering your company begins from AED 20,000 onwards. The outlay depends on what kind of business you’re setting up and what services you provide. Additionally, an investor visa costs between AED 4000 to AED 5000, and depending on the number of employee visas you need, their fee ranges between AED 5000 to AED 7000 per visa.

For an accurate quote, get in touch with SPC Free Zone to receive an up-to-date estimate that considers your specific needs. This way, you know you’re paying the lowest possible rate for the services you need.

Why choose SPC Free Zone?

Conveniently located near Sharjah, the SPC Free Zone is a popular business location. Established in 2017, it provides various state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, including coworking spaces, offices, warehousing and retail stores, all in a regulatory framework favourable to businesses.

SPC Free Zone promotes entrepreneurship and offers business support services, including 100% foreign ownership with zero paid-up capital to companies to help them grow and become economically contributing entities. 

Whether you need an e-commerce license in UAE or a general trading license, we have it covered, offering more than 1,500 commercial activities. Additionally, you can apply for a dual-licensing option that provides mainland and free zone on the same license and up to 20 visas under that license. Furthermore, the on-site immigration services allow you to get your license in under two hours.

Contact SPC Free Zone for help with your business setup in the UAE today!

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