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Sharjah Free Zone license

Sharjah is the third-most populated city in the UAE and one of the fastest-growing economies in MENA, so it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs are choosing to set up their businesses here. The free zone is a hotbed of innovation, investment and entrepreneurship that combines an attractive investment climate, strategic location and a huge talent pool.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages, costs and support services offered by a Sharjah free zone license. We’ll explore the following topics:

  • Benefits of getting a Sharjah business license from SPC Free Zone
  • Advantages of living in the UAE
  • Sharjah free zone license cost
  • SPC Free Zone support services

Benefits of getting a Sharjah business license from SPC Free Zone

SPC Free Zone is conveniently located in the heart of Sharjah, just 15 minutes from one of the busiest international airports in the world. We offer fast, flexible and convenient business setup in the UAE with a wide range of competitive incentives for business owners who are considering making the move, such as:

  • Immigration services are on-site, so you can get your e-commerce license (or any other license) issued in less than two hours
  • Choice of more than 1,500 business activities
  • Opportunity to acquire a dual license that offers both mainland and free zone opportunities on one license
  • 100% foreign business ownership and repatriation of profits
  • Up to 20 visas under one license
  • Zero paid-up capital

Advantages of living in the UAE

The UAE offers huge potential for entrepreneurs and consistently ranks as one of the easiest places in the world to do business. With help from a company formation service like SPC Free Zone, you can have your business up and running in no time and start living the high life in the UAE from the get-go. Residents benefit from a whole string of advantages, including:

  • Stable and diverse economy

It’s easier for entrepreneurs to grow faster and attract the best talent in a stronger economy. The risks are lower for business owners too.

  • First-rate healthcare system

The UAE boasts one of the highest levels of healthcare in the world through both comprehensive government-funded services and a fast-growing private sector. Medical professionals have access to the latest technologies, and residents benefit from shorter wait times too.

  • Competitive tax regime

The UAE offers one of the most competitive tax regimes in the world. Entrepreneurs can maximize their profits with zero personal income tax, zero corporate tax for businesses earning less than AED 375,000 and low upfront capital investments

  • A large pool of talent

The UAE attracts high levels of talent, particularly in Sharjah. The emirate is home to top-ranking higher education institutions and over 30,000 students. What’s more, entrepreneurial skills are incorporated into their curriculum.

  • Majority expatriate population

The UAE has a population of more than 8.84 million expatriates, accounting for around 89% of the population. As well as making it easier to network and connect on the ground, it opens up more opportunities and higher salaries for specialists.

  • Low crime levels

The UAE authorities take safety and security seriously, with laws enshrined in Sharia. According to many global rankings, the UAE is one of the safest places in the world, particularly when it comes to walking alone at night.

  • Highly developed tourism industry

The UAE isn’t just a good place to live, it’s a great place to holiday. The UAE has invested huge sums in tourism infrastructure, from cleaner beaches to impressive entertainment and shopping centres – and as a resident, you can benefit from these too.

Sharjah Free zone license cost

The cost of a Sharjah free zone license starts at AED 5,750, but there are additional costs and fees to consider too. For instance, if you require office or warehouse space, multi-year visas or enhanced visa quotas, this will cost you more.

At SPC Free Zone, we offer six comprehensive setup packages suited to a wide range of businesses and requirements: Publishing, Standard, Entrepreneur Starter, Entrepreneur Premium, Entrepreneur Premium Pro and Entrepreneur Elite. We also offer additional optional services, such as Establishment Card, e-channel registration and Change of Status.

Our business advisors will be happy to provide an accurate estimate, free of charge. Reach out to SPC Free Zone for a bespoke quote, tailored to your specific business requirements and circumstances to ensure the business setup process is as fast and affordable as possible.

SPC Free Zone Support services

When it comes to setting up a business in the UAE, there’s no reason to go it alone. SPC Free Zone offers a wide range of services to suit your business needs, from the start of your journey and beyond. Whether you’re looking to ensure you have your documents in order or need help setting up a bank account, we can help. Our support services include:

Corporate banking assistance

We work with the UAE’s leading banks to make it as easy as possible for you to open a corporate bank account. We can also assist with document submission and compliance requirements.

VIP medical and Emirates ID assistance

All residents in the UAE are required to hold an Emirates ID card. To obtain one, you will need to undergo a medical screening and biometric scanning. We can book your medical appointments, arrange pickup and drop-off and fast-track your application.

Spousal and children’s visa assistance

If you’re hoping to bring your family to the UAE, we can help you to obtain, renew or cancel residence visas in all categories, including children, spouses, drivers and domestic helpers.

Document clearing support

While the authorities have made business setup in the UAE easier than in many other countries, thanks to services such as the e-channel portal, you will still need to ensure you have the right documents in order. We can help ensure documents are cleared, including government attestation, notarization, translation, apostille and embassy-related documents.

Tax and accounting services

Daunted by the prospect of submitting your first tax return? We provide accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as tax registration, tax advisory assistance and other financial services.

Custom code assistance

If you are opening an import and export business in the UAE, you must ensure that your business is registered with the UAE Federal Customs Authority. We can help you obtain your customs code and commercial license easily and efficiently.

Virtual reception

Once you’ve opened your business in the UAE, we can help you maximize your time with a virtual receptionist who can answer business calls from any location on a dedicated phone number.

Virtual office

We can provide virtual office services for everything from PO Box applications to event space hire to printing services.

Ready to set up your business in a Sharjah free zone? Get in touch with SPC Free Zone today.

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